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17 Free AI Tools You Need to Know


The popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI tools has been continuously growing at a remarkable pace like never before. These free AI tools are exceptional for simplifying personal and business tasks. Growing your business and personal branding is easier than ever, yet very hard in 2024. It is only a matter of whether you are using the right AI tools or not. Hereโ€™s a list of the best free AI apps that cover a variety of needs, from text generation to video creation and beyond.

Here are the 17 free AI tools to grow your business and personal branding:


Need to grow your LinkedIn brand fast? Taplio is an all-in-one, AI-powered LinkedIn tool that writes and schedules personalized content for you. It suggests posts based on proven viral content and creates carousels from any URL or topic. Taplio expands your network with quality leads, all while monitoring your performance with advanced analytics.


Save time summarizing PDFs and more with MaxAI. It works across all apps and sites, including Google Docs and Microsoft Word, offering the convenience of AI tools and chatbots everywhere.

Rask AI:

Effortlessly translate and localize your video content with Rask AI. It translates and dubs your videos into over 130 languages while retaining the original voice style.


There will be no more AI robotic chatbot writing with AIHumanizer. This tool instantly converts your AI-generated text into human-like content, making it more relatable and engaging.

Flot AI:

Flot AI is the best free alternative to ChatGPT. It helps you write, read, and memorize across apps and websites, growing with your knowledge and becoming a complete AI companion.

Vidnoz AI:

Create stunning AI videos with text in just one minute with Vidnoz AI. This tool converts your words into beautiful visuals without any cost, downloads, or experience needed.


Create polished presentations and documents faster with PopAi. Simply enter a prompt, and this tool generates an effective presentation in minutes.


You can become an expert in X (Twitter) Spaces with GPT-4 using XspaceGPT. It transcribes live audio to text and extracts abstracts and mind maps, offering valuable summaries and insights.

Top AI Newsletter:

You can join the fastest-growing AI newsletter in business. Use AI-related news and business insights to stay ahead of trends, save time, and make more money.

MyMap AI:

Struggling to plan your next big project? MyMap AI turns complex ideas into clear mind maps, making visualizing and organizing your thoughts easier.


Humanize AI text without plagiarism using BypassGPT. It is integrated with top AI detectors like GPTZero and ZeroGPT. BypassGPT provides comprehensive AI scores, making your AI content indistinguishable from human writing.


Create human-like, undetectable essays with EssayFlow. This AI essay writer assures you that no AI detector will find out your essay is AI-written.


Heardly saves time with 15-minute audio summaries of top books. Integrated with AI, it efficiently delivers engaging, high-quality summaries.


Create undetectable, plagiarism-free essays with accurate citations using HIX EssayGPT. It ensures your work is both original and indistinguishable from human writing.


Generate images with all Stable Diffusion models using Diffus. Itโ€™s your go-to tool for learning Stable Diffusion and crafting stunning AI images with precision.


Make any AI text undetectable with Humbot. This tool humanizes AI text, bypassing AI detection with its cutting-edge AI technology.


It is not exactly BypassGPT, but it works similarly. You can rewrite your AI text to make it undetectable by any AI detectors with BypassAI. It ensures your AI-generated content is completely indistinguishable from human writing.

In Conclusion:

These 17 free AI tools offer incredible functionality across various fields, from social media management to content creation and language translation. These free AI tools can save you time, improve your productivity, and help you surpass your competitors in the fast-evolving world of AI. You can now grow your business and personal branding unlike ever before.



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