Meet Retouch4me: An Artificial Intelligence AI Retouching Platform That Actually Works

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So you lit your scenes correctly, shot your footage, and put the edit together. But somehow, it doesn’t quite look like the pros yet. Well, that is because you are missing one important factor: adding the retouches. It is crucial to be aware of what you put into your camera and what you deliver to the colorist to get the best results. You might be wondering: “Why even start learning photo editing?” You might think it’s not worth your time learning how to retouch your photos, even though it is the best marketing and promotional tool ever. But finding a better way to do these seems difficult.

Don’t worry; the solution to your problem is simple – Retouch4me. Retouch4me is a family of artificial intelligence-powered plug-ins for photography retouching, compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Capture One (as external editors). It also works as a standalone software, which is quite amazing. 

What makes Retouch4me so impressive? It works in Photoshop, and it’s simple, fast, non-destructive, and editable. Retouch4me may be the best Photoshop plugin that you will ever need – it can do everything you want it to do. 

How does Retouch4me work?

You just upload photos, click a button, and get the result – it is that simple. Retouch4me plugins can work autonomously on a local computer. Retouch4me plugins significantly reduce photo processing time. Your photos are processed while you are thinking about what retouches you want to do.

Plugins To Try Right Now:

  • Retouch4me Photoshop Panel:

The Retouch4me panel in Photoshop is a fantastic, free-of-charge feature that greatly simplifies the photo editing process for users. By consolidating all Retouch4me plugins in one place, photographers can quickly apply desired effects to their images, saving time and effort

  • Retouch4me Frequency Separation:

The frequency plugin will save time by automating the layer creation, adding control to tailor the frequency ranges for specific images without losing any quality to the original image and resolution, and allowing for manual workflow control or even automated modes that adjust overall clarity.

  • Retouch4me Heal:

The Retouch4me Heal plugin has proven to be incredibly valuable in portrait photography workflow. Retouch4me Heal automatically detects acne and other blemishes. By increasing the sensitivity slider, even the smallest imperfections are removed.

  • Retouch4me Dodge&Burn:

The Retouch4me Dodge&Burn plugin is a fantastic tool designed to address areas of high contrast that often appear in portraits, particularly when lighting conditions are less than ideal.Retouch4me Dodge&Burn not only tackles this task but also resolves issues like skin bumps and minor wrinkles.

  • Retouch4me Eyes Bundle:

Retouch4me Eyes Bundle is a two-in-one combo containing two features in one; Eye Vessels focuses on refining the whites of the eyes, automatically detecting and retouching them to remove blood vessels and redness. 

Eye Brilliance is a subtle yet effective feature that resolves a common challenge in post-processing: enhancing the eyes by brightening up the eyes of the portrait subject.

  • Retouch4me Portrait Volumes:

The Retouch4me Portrait Volumes plugin is an innovative tool that adds depth to portraits by emphasizing facial features such as the eyes, nose, and lips.

  • Retouch4me Clean Backdrop:

Clean Backdrop detects and removes dirt, folds, holes, sensor dust, and other details from evenly-colored studio backgrounds.

  • Retouch4me Skin Tone:

Retouch4me Skin Tone is an innovative plugin designed to address common challenges faced by photographers when it comes to achieving consistent and natural-looking skin tones. This powerful tool harnesses artificial intelligence to intelligently analyze the skin color in your photographs, ensuring that the subject’s complexion appears flawless and true to life.

  • Retouch4me White Teeth:

White Teeth identify teeth and add a natural-looking whitening.

  • Retouch4me Fabric:

Fabric smoothes out creases and wrinkles on fabric and evens the color tones without removing unsightly folds or rolls of clothing.

  • Retouch4me Skin Mask:

Skin Mask enables one-click skin selection, which comes in handy for overall skin adjustments.

  • Retouch4me Mattfier:

Retouch4me Mattifier automatically spots shiny skin areas on the face and fixes them.

  • Retouch4me Color Match:

Retouch4me Color Match is a Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One plugin that makes color grading simple. Not only can it match the colors of any reference image and apply them to another.

Competitors of Retouch4me

It is not that Retouch4me has no competition. Retouch4me has competitors like, Luminar AI/NEO, Portraiture, and Frequency Separation. However, it is currently the most popular AI-powered retouching software on the market. 

  • Ease of use: Retouch4me is designed to be easy to use, even for photographers with no prior experience with retouching. Its interface is simple and straightforward, and its tools are clearly labeled and easy to understand.
  • High-quality results: Retouch4me is able to produce high-quality results with minimal effort. Its AI-powered tools are very effective at smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and correcting facial features.
  • A wide range of tools: Retouch4me offers a wide range of plugins for retouching images, including skin smoothing, eye brightening, body sculpting, and more. All while allowing users to experiment with different retouching options without having to worry about damaging their image.

In Conclusion:

The Retouch4me plugins can transform your images with minimal effort, and most portrait photographers will find a lot to love about them. Instead of buying a suite of tools that may or may not serve your needs, Retouch4me lets you purchase individual plugins that do exactly what you require.  If you don’t mind some installation issues and a few interface quirks, the Retouch4me plugins will be a great addition to your post-processing workflow!


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