Canva is Now Available on ChatGPT: Lets Try it

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Note: If you don’t know how to use ChatGPT Plugins? Then Read this article

I was unaware of this, but ChatGPT now has the capability to creating banners using the Canva plugin. Here is a quick method to create graphics/banners within seconds:

Step 1: To create Graphics/Banners using ChatGPT, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Beta settings of ChatGPT.
  2. Look for the plugin options and activate the “Canva” plugin.
  3. If the “Canva” plugin is not available, navigate to the plugin store within ChatGPT.
  4. Search for the “Canva” plugin and install it from the plugin store.

Step 2: Lets Create Our First X Post Banner

  1. We will add the prompt ‘Create a Twitter post visual to display daily motivational quotes’
  1. Choose from the list of templates presented by ChatGPT and click on the bottom to edit it on Canva.
  2. Download and Enjoy!

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