8 Free Python Courses (Beginner to Advanced Level)

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Finding quality resources can be overwhelming when learning anything, and it might get more challenging while trying to learn something complex, like a coding language. But don’t worry, mate! We’ve got you covered. Python is a popular coding language and a skill in high demand. If you have Python coding skills, you might become a great asset, but finding the right resources may take a lot of work and may damage your bank account.

We have some Python courses that will cost you nothing while providing you with all the necessary skills and taking you from beginner to advanced level. The courses will help you dive deeper into the language and explore its many possibilities. They cover various topics, from data analysis to machine learning, to suit your interests and skill level. And best of all, they’re free! 

So, why not take advantage of these opportunities and start learning today? Here are 8 Python courses that will take you from a beginner to an advanced level without costing you anything:

Get Started with Python by Google:

The course provides a complete introduction to Python through hands-on projects and expert-led instruction. You will get a foundational understanding of Python and learn job-relevant skills to improve your career. The course covers a foundational knowledge of Python. 🧑‍💻

CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python by HarvardX:

This course introduces CS50P, a Python programming course designed for students with or without prior experience. Topics include functions, arguments, return values, variables and types, file I/O, and more. It focuses on Python and can be taken before, during, or after CS50x for a more general Computer Science education. 👩‍💻

Python Programming MOOC 2023 by The University of Helsinki:

This course provides both introductory and advanced materials, focusing on objects, methods, recursion, and PyGame, and even includes a gaming project to apply learned concepts. 💻

Introduction to Computer Science (CS) and Programming Using Python by MITX:

This two-course sequence provides a broad overview of computer science (CS) and programming using Python 3.5. The program is designed to introduce computer science and programming concepts to individuals with no prior experience, and it will likely be the first and last formal computer science course for many students. 🔥

Data Science with Python by The University of Cape Town:

The UCT online short course teaches practical data science and analysis skills using Python for business decision-making. The course covers widely applicable Python libraries and their use in everyday business scenarios. 💪

Python 3 Programming Specialization by University Of Michigan

With an amazing rating and comprehensive coverage of advanced topics, this specialization offers in-depth courses on functions, data collection, classes, and practical projects. ⚡

Learn Advanced Python 3 by Codecademy

Codecademy’s free course takes you through debugging, functional programming, database handling, concurrent programming, and application deployment, with engaging mini-projects to reinforce learning. 😎

Scientific Computing with Python (Beta) by FreeCodeCamp

This course emphasizes project-based learning and guides you through various projects covering string manipulation, algorithm design, data structures, classes, and tree traversal. 👍

Each course offers a unique approach to advancing Python skills, serving diverse learning preferences and interests. Whether you prefer structured specializations, tutorial-style videos, interactive platforms, or project-based learning, there’s something for everyone.

In conclusion, mastering Python concepts doesn’t have to break the bank. With these 8 free resources, learners can start on a continuous growth and skill enhancement journey. So, take the opportunity, dive into these courses, and unlock the full potential of Python programming without spending a penny. Happy Coding!


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