7 Free Prompt Engineering Courses: Become an Effective Prompt Engineer

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What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering is not just a process, it’s a profession within AI that can transform your career. It’s about designing concise, clear prompts to guide users through an application. This profession is all about improving AI-generated prompts and refining natural language/ simple language input in generators like ChatGPT and DALL-E to get the most out of it. As an AI engineer, mastering prompt engineering can significantly enhance your ability to improve large language models (LLMs) with specific prompts, opening up new opportunities and challenges in the field.

Here are the 7 free courses that will help you be an effective, prompt engineer:

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT by Vanderbilt University

You’ll learn to work with large language models like ChatGPT by applying prompt engineering and patterns. The course is suitable for anyone with basic computer skills. It starts with basic prompts and advances to sophisticated prompts. You’ll gain strong prompt engineering skills to use large language models for various job, business, or personal tasks.

Generative AI: Prompt Engineering Basics by IBM

This course teaches you how to write effective prompts using best practices, techniques, and approaches. In the IBM Generative AI Classroom, you will use commonly used tools like IBM Watsonx Prompt Lab, Spellbook, and Dust. You’ll learn to create precise, relevant responses with hands-on labs that optimize results. This course is designed for professionals, executives, students, and AI enthusiasts.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers by DeepLearning.AI

Β This course will teach you how large language models (LLMs) work, learn best practices for using them in applications, access LLM APIs for building chatbots, and leverage LLMs in your applications. You’ll also get hands-on experience in prompt engineering using the OpenAI API and Jupyter Notebook environment, with examples and experimentation to create LLM-powered applications.

Prompt Engineering Specialization by Vanderbilt University

This specialization teaches using Generative AI to improve creativity and critical thinking, automate tasks, and augment human intelligence. It covers basic to advanced prompt engineering skills and various applications. You’ll also work on a hands-on project involving prompt engineering exercises and generating social media posts with Generative AI.

Prompt Engineering and Advanced ChatGPT by edX

This course teaches advanced techniques to improve ChatGPT’s responses. You’ll learn how to integrate ChatGPT with NLP and ML to build intelligent chatbots for healthcare, finance, education, and customer service. Remember ChatGPT’s limitations and learn how to work around them to build a strong chatbot.

Introduction to Prompt Engineering by IBM

In this course, you’ll learn prompt engineering for guiding generative AI models, including zero-shot, few-shot, Interview Pattern, Chain-of-Thought, and Tree-of-Thought techniques. You’ll get hands-on experience with tools like IBM Watsonx Prompt Lab, Spellbook, and Dust. It is suitable for professionals, executives, students, and AI enthusiasts interested in unlocking the full potential of generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

AI Prompt Engineering for Beginners by Davidson College (DavidsonX)

In this crash course, you’ll learn about AI Prompt Engineering and how to effectively frame prompts for desired outcomes using AI language tools like ChatGPT. No technical knowledge is required, and it’s perfect for content creators, professionals, and AI enthusiasts. You can unlock a world of possibilities through effective, prompt engineering.

In Conclusion:

Prompt engineering is an AI profession that involves designing concise prompts to guide users through an application. Various online courses are available, and you can learn prompt engineering skills from basic to advanced levels and gain hands-on experience using large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT for multiple tasks. Prompt engineering can improve your ability to create perfect AI-generated prompts and unlock a world of possibilities in the field.


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