5 Best AI Tools to Make Teachers Life Easier

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In recent years, there has been a growing interest in integrating AI into teaching practices. Even educators must learn about AI and its potential benefits for students and themselves. Teachers can use AI tools to improve their creativity and productivity and gain valuable insights into student learning. However, teachers must also be mindful of using AI ethically in education and teach their students to use the tools responsibly. 

Educators play an important role in shaping students’ future by helping them understand emerging technologies. AI can provide personalized learning experiences tailored to each student’s needs, improve productivity, and simplify time-consuming tasks. With AI-powered platforms, teachers can easily collect educational resources and supplement their existing content. 

Here are 5 AI-powered tools to help educators find AI tools to improve their students’ learning experience, boost productivity, and save time. These tools come with various templates, translation options, and resources commonly used by educators. These tools allow teachers to focus more on their lesson content and spend more time with their students.

Notion: AI Tool for Productivity*

Notion is a free tool that helps teachers and students to organize notes and tasks. It comes with a Teacher’s AI Assistant that provides customized classroom management and lesson planning solutions. Notion’s Education Plan offers hundreds of school templates, note organizers, teaching tools, and research notebooks. Teachers can use Notion to plan lessons, set schedules, keep syllabi, and track grading.

Sendsteps AI: AI Tool for Presentation

Sendsteps.ai is a great AI tool for teachers. It enables them to engage their students effectively during class presentations. With Sendsteps.ai, teachers can create interactive presentations based on a document or other information.

They can ask their students questions and get real-time feedback through smartphones or other devices. Sendsteps helps teachers to understand their students’ understanding of a topic, identify areas where students may be having difficulties, and adjust their teaching approach accordingly.

Canva: AI Tool for Content Generation

Canva is an excellent tool for teachers to create custom designs with ease. It offers various templates, graphics, and design tools that help teachers create engaging and visually appealing presentations. Canva’s Magic Write is an AI text-to-image generator that supports lesson planning, brainstorming, and idea generation.

Teachers can also collaborate with other educators and students in real-time to adjust their presentations, making working on group projects or presentations easy. Canva’s flexibility and ease of use make it a top AI tool for teachers.

Gradescope: AI Tool for Grading

Grading students’ grades could be one of the toughest and most exhausting tasks a teacher must do. Gradescope is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the grading process and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your student’s progress. 

Gradescope allows teachers to manage and evaluate all their assessments online or in a physical classroom. Additionally, it also allows students to assess each other and provide feedback, saving time and energy.

OpenAI ChatGPT for Teachers: AI Tools for Better Education

OpenAI has released a guide for teachers who wish to use ChatGPT in their classroom called “Teaching with AI.” The guide offers helpful prompts and insights into ChatGPT’s functionality and limitations and emphasizes the importance of fact-checking and being mindful of bias. Teachers can benefit from this guide to improve their students’ learning experience with AI-powered tools.

In Conclusion:

Integrating AI into teaching practices can provide many benefits for both teachers and students. The AI-powered tools mentioned above can help teachers improve their productivity and lesson content and provide personalized learning experiences to students. However, using AI ethically and responsibly is crucial, and teachers must educate their students about the same. With the right guidance and approach, AI can change the education sector and provide a better learning experience for everyone involved.


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