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15 AI-based Math Tools


AI has progressed much since its inception and has entered the realm of mathematics. AI has revolutionized mathematical problem-solving, which has led to significant gains in speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

In case you were wondering, here are some AI-based math resources:


Photomath is a game-changing mobile software that provides an all-encompassing remedy for pupils having difficulty with mathematics. The program, which uses cutting-edge AI technology, offers a fresh perspective on challenging mathematical problems and gives pupils a leg up on the competition. Using the camera on their smartphone, users of Photomath may scan printed or handwritten math problems and receive detailed, instantaneous solutions. Students benefit from this in two ways: first, they gain insight into the problem-solving process, and second, they receive immediate feedback that helps them hone their mathematical abilities.


Socratic, a Google-backed smartphone app, is a helpful resource for students who need assignment guidance. The app’s content is broad, encompassing fields as diverse as science, history, mathematics, and more. However, the mathematics chapter stands out for its detailed explanations of how to solve problems from elementary mathematics to calculus. Socratic is an app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze a picture a student takes of a homework problem and then provides an in-depth explanation. Socratic is an all-inclusive platform for tackling difficult schoolwork since it allows students with videos, definitions, and connections to grasp the problem-solving process better.


Chegg’s Mathway is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered online math problem-solving platform that students of all skill levels may use for help with problems in algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and graphing. Mathway is a fantastic resource for students who need help with their arithmetic assignments because it uses artificial intelligence. Students can benefit from learning how to solve arithmetic problems by submitting problems and receiving detailed, step-by-step solutions. In addition, Mathway gives its customers a choice between a free edition with fewer features and a paid one with more advanced tools. 


CameraMath is a robust math learning software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The app’s creators intended it to serve as a one-stop shop for mathematical needs by including tools such as an “Ask Tutors” section, “Math Bank,” “Calculators,” and “Math Solver” sections. Students can submit questions to CameraMath’s qualified tutors and receive individualized responses through the app’s Ask Tutors function. Access a wide range of mathematical ideas, formulas, and equations with the help of the math bank features. A scientific calculator, graphing calculator, and geometry calculator are all available in CameraMath’s Calculators section. Finally, the Math Solver function employs AI to complete difficult arithmetic calculations. Students of calculus, algebra, and other advanced mathematics will find it a helpful resource because of the detailed solutions it provides. 


Brilliant is a state-of-the-art math education platform that uses artificial intelligence to teach pupils mathematical ideas, procedures, and methods. Brilliant provides in-depth courses in various mathematical disciplines to help students strengthen their grasp of the material and their ability to apply it, whether it be algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, or probability. Brilliant’s sophisticated AI algorithms allow for individualized assessment and instruction for each student, allowing them to study at their own pace and best. Brilliant is designed to teach math lessons and rules rather than only solve arithmetic problems so that students can thoroughly understand the topic. 


The groundbreaking tool MyScript uses AI to simplify difficult math problems for pupils. MyScript is an app that employs machine learning algorithms to decipher handwriting, allowing users to write math expressions on a tablet or smartphone and receive immediate feedback and detailed solutions. Even the most complex mathematical equations are easily understood by the app. The app’s ability to sync with services like Evernote makes it an invaluable resource for math-challenged children. The software is a game-changer for students of all levels because it combines the ease of digital note-taking with the precision of AI-powered math solving. Students’ problem-solving abilities, self-esteem, and sense of agency in their mathematical education can all benefit from using MyScript.


Symbolab is an excellent artificial intelligence (AI)-driven math education application with various features for students. This online math solver app provides students with a wide range of tools for tackling difficult math problems, from graphing to geometry to word problems and beyond. The many different calculators available on Symbolab make it a useful resource for mathematicians of all skill levels. It can help kids with trouble understanding math become more confident in their abilities and grasp more complex subjects. Symbolab is an excellent artificial intelligence (AI) tool for any learner who wishes to do well in mathematics because of its extensive features and calculators. Whether you’re a high schooler studying for finals or a college student majoring in a math-related subject, Symbolab’s cutting-edge AI-driven tools will prove invaluable.


AIRMATH is an artificial intelligence program for solving math problems, giving kids immediate, precise solutions to their math homework. Three-second problem solving, 24/7 accessibility, and the capacity to handle geometry, algebra, calculus, and even word problems are just a few advantages of using AIRMATH. Students can use it on their smartphones or computers because it comes in app and extension forms. AIRMATH employs real AI recognition technology that can read and understand arithmetic problems from photo scans to make it simple for children to use. Since it doesn’t cost anything to download or use, this app is a great resource for pupils who are struggling with math. 

Maple Calculator

The Maple Calculator is a cutting-edge, free online calculator that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help students rapidly and easily answer difficult mathematical problems. The Maple Calculator is a powerful math tool that is used by engineers, scientists, and mathematicians all around the world. It incorporates complex functions, graphing capabilities, and step-by-step solutions to help students understand and grasp mathematical concepts better. Maple Calculator can solve any problem, whether an algebraic one, a calculus one, or a trigonometry one. Maple Calculator is a sophisticated arithmetic tool that also offers a wide variety of fun and challenging educational games and puzzles to help students learn and practice math in a challenging and enjoyable way. 

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a popular computational knowledge engine powered by artificial intelligence. It’s great for everything from simple addition and subtraction to complicated calculus and linear algebra. Equations, integrals, derivatives, and even word problems can be entered by users and solved in a step-by-step manner. Wolfram Alpha’s graphing features reveal its functionality as a powerful tool for graphically representing mathematical data and functions.


SymPy is a free and open-source Python library for symbolic computation. It’s great for symbolic calculations, equation solving, and simplifying formulas since it lets you work with symbols and algebraic expressions. Because it facilitates a more thorough grasp of mathematical concepts through symbolic manipulation, SymPy is a useful resource for mathematicians, researchers, and educators.

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft’s AI-based Math Solver is a user-friendly helper for solving tough math puzzles. Its intuitive design allows users to enter equations and get detailed solutions as they go. The tool’s recognition abilities are so advanced that they accurately identify poorly written symbols. Microsoft Math Solver also includes interactive graphics and practice exercises for novice and advanced users.


GeoGebra is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform that blends geometry, algebra, and calculus to improve mathematical visualization and exploration. Create geometric shapes, play with equations, and explore mathematical connections in a live environment. GeoGebra’s ability to generate graphs, animations, and interactive simulations helps students better grasp mathematical topics and motivates them to conduct in-depth mathematical inquiry.


SymbMath, like SymPy, is a robust artificial intelligence tool for symbolic mathematics. It’s great for elementary and complex mathematical computations thanks to its ability to evaluate, simplify, and solve algebraic expressions and equations. SymbMath’s versatility as a mathematical tool is enhanced by its ability to deal with matrices, calculus, and other areas of mathematics.


Desmos is a powerful graphing calculator built on artificial intelligence. The intuitive design makes it suitable for classroom use by students and teachers. Desmos is an online tool for interactively plotting functions, modifying graphs, and investigating mathematical connections. It’s also a great teaching tool because users can make graphs that others may view and embed in documents or web pages.



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