10 AI-Powered Trending Tools That Will Save You Over 100+ Hours

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The power of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way we work and opened up new possibilities for any existing and emerging enterprises. In this article, we have gathered 10 useful websites to help you save time and money while increasing productivity.

These websites are too powerful, making it feel illegal to know them. However, they are all excellent tools to help you do things right and achieve your goals efficiently. Remember, productivity is about doing the right things the right way and combining it with efficiency can lead to major time and cost savings.

ManyBooks: Free Ebooks

ManyBooks offers a vast collection of 100% free ebooks. It was founded to provide classic books in digital format at no cost. Today, ManyBooks is a platform for self-publishing authors to showcase their work to their community. New books are added daily and available in multiple formats for your e-reader or smartphone.

AdCreative.ai: Marketing & Adverts*

Adcreative.ai uses AI-powered technology to revolutionize advertising. With advanced machine-learning algorithms, you can create custom ads in seconds. The platform’s analytics and reporting features enable data-driven decisions for top campaign results. You should try Adcreative.ai for effortless advertising campaigns.

Getimg.ai: Image to Video*

Getimg.ai is an online tool that can turn images into short 4-second videos. You don’t need any video editing skills or experience to use it. The AI technology improves motion fluidity, resulting in high-quality and smooth videos. Upload an image, adjust settings, and generate your video in 30 seconds.

Poised: AI Communication Coach

Poised is your AI feedback partner. It gives personalized suggestions and real-time private feedback. It helps you stay focused with live speaker notes and easily track your meeting agenda. You can get feedback, summaries, and action items without a bot joining your meeting.

GetProspect: Email Finder

GetProspect is the most accurate B2B contact database. With the tool in hand, you can find the email addresses of decision-makers and employees of any company. You can use the free business email lookup tool to grow your business, validate email addresses, and improve your email deliverability rates.

Simplified: The Everything Tool*

Simplified is an AI-powered tool that helps you create, edit, collaborate, and share. Use AI Writer, AI Design, AI Video, and Social Media AI to beat writer’s block, make videos, handle social media, and get feedback fast. Simplified saves time, streamlines collaboration, and incorporates your brand identity. It’s your creative companion that gets the job done faster.

Clipdrop by Jasper: Image Editing & Generation

Clipdrop by Jasper provides AI-powered image-enhancement tools for editing pictures, including replacing, fixing, or extracting elements. It also includes features like upscaling, uncropping, and background removal. Additionally, Clipdrop offers an API that can be integrated into apps for quick and easy image editing.

SquareX: Free Browsing

SquareX is a browser extension that uses rules-based methods, fact-finding analysis, and machine learning to detect and block real-time online threats. It also securely isolates suspicious websites and files to protect your device from potential risks. You can stay safe online and browse fearlessly.

Text Blaze: Text Snippets

Text Blaze is a powerful automation tool that saves you time and money. It allows you to create templates with shortcuts to substitute any text snippet wherever you are in Chrome. It works on various platforms and simplifies your day with dynamic templates, forms, and integrations.

RunwayML: Video Creation

Runway is an AI research company that offers various creative tools, including text-to-video, video style change, inpainting, color grading, slow motion, face blurring, depth of field adjustment, scene detection, clean audio, video transcription, subtitle generation, motion tracking, and green screen removal/replacement.

In Conclusion:

These 10 websites are excellent tools for saving time and money and increasing productivity. There is something for everyone, from free eBooks to AI-powered video creation and image editing. Remember, productivity is all about doing the right things the right way, and these tools can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. So, try them out to improve your workflow and help your business grow.


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