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Try Generative AI-Powered Google Search for AI: Overview and more


Google has always tried to expand what Google Search can do with new research and developments. Google is the best place to find the best quality information on the web. Generative AI has been a major topic for quite a while, and now you can use generative AI searches to do more than ever before.

With the help of generative search, you can get so much more done – anything you can think of, you can get it done. Generative searches were made possible because of the new and custom Google Gemini model with advanced capabilities such as multi-step reasoning, planning, and multimodality combined with best-in-class Google Search systems.

Get quick answers with AI Overviews:

Google has introduced AI Overviews that can provide quick summaries and links to help you learn more about search results. The feature will initially be available to everyone in the U.S. and will roll out to more countries soon. AI Overviews aim to increase user satisfaction and engagement with search results. They also direct users to various websites for more complex queries. The feature will distinguish between organic and sponsored results, with clear labeling for ads.


Adjust your AI Overview:

You will soon have the option to adjust your AI Overview by simplifying the language or providing more detailed information. This update will be available in Search Labs for English questions in the U.S. It can be helpful for those new to a topic or simplify information for kids.


Ask Your Most Complex Questions:

Google’s custom Gemini model has multi-step reasoning capabilities in AI Overviews, allowing you to ask complex questions simultaneously instead of breaking them into multiple searches. For example, you can find the best yoga or pilates studios in Boston, along with details on their intro offers and walking time from Beacon Hill, all in one search. These capabilities will soon be available in AI Overviews in Search Labs for English queries in the U.S.


Plan Ahead:

Google Search now has planning capabilities that allow you to create meal and trip plans directly in Search. Search Labs in English in the U.S. offers meal and trip planning, with more customization capabilities and more categories coming later this year.


Explore an AI-organized Results Page:

Google Search is introducing a new way to find information. Soon, it will use generative AI to provide organized search results with unique headlines. This feature will make researching different perspectives and content types easy. The feature will first be available for English searches in the U.S., starting with dining and recipes and then expanding to movies, music, books, hotels, shopping, and more, making your search experience easier.


Take a Video, Get Help from AI:

Searching with video will offer a new and advanced level of visual Search, allowing users to ask questions about the objects they see in motion. This new AI feature will save time and effort by providing AI Overview with troubleshooting steps and resources, eliminating the need to describe issues in words. Initially available for Search Labs users in the U.S., this feature will be expanded to more regions.





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