Top 6 GPTs to Boost Your Productivity

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CustomGPTs, or Generated Prompt Transformers, are custom versions of ChatGPT that will become more prominent in the coming days as OpenAI will roll out GPTs to GPT-4o. GPT personalized AI companions that serve specific needs. Anyone can create a customer GPT to get their particular work done. 

GPTs have improved our interaction with AI because they are personalized and custom, boosting productivity. This article lists some must-have GPTs for productivity that can completely change your understanding of AI and take your productivity to the next level.

Here are the 6 GPTs that will boost your productivity:


Canva is one of the best and most popular design tools. It has been continuously innovating and providing us with the best-in-class AI features. Fortunately, Canva’s GPT doesn’t disappoint; it can create presentations, logos, social media posts, and other designs effortlessly.

VideoGPT by VEED:

VideoGPT is a GPT by VEED, an AI video editor that can make professional videos without requiring professional skills. It is an AI video maker that generates AI videos from text for social media and speech tools with AI avatars, text-to-speech, music, and more.

Presentation Slides:

Presentations are an important part of a student’s and professional life as both need to create and develop detailed, straight-to-point presentations to impress their superiors. Presentation Slides GPT helps you in just that without you breaking a sweat.


There are many AI tools that allow you to chat with PDFs now. PDF Ai PDF GPT does the same while also securely storing and chatting with PDFs. The free Chrome extension can save your GPT chats, and the pro features contain premium features like OCR, quick summaries, and more.

Whimsical Diagrams:

One of the best ways to interact and understand data is through charts and diagrams. Sometimes, it may get through. That is why you should use Whimsical Diagrams GPTs, as they can explain and visualize ideas with the help of flowcharts, mindmaps, and sequence diagrams.

Adobe Express:

Adobe is the best tool for professionals in creative fields, and Adobe Express is the company’s best free tool, suitable for both professionals and beginners. The Adobe Express GPT can quickly generate social posts, videos, and more within the all-in-one content creation GPT.

In Conclusion:

These GPTs will help you boost your productivity. Even if you do not have a ChatGPT Plus subscription yet, you can wait until OpenAI rolls out access to GPTs to GPT-4o, which is almost everywhere. If it is not yet available in your region, it will be soon, and so will access to GPTs, and you can start boosting your productivity and taking it to the next level like never imagined.


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