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The 6 Best AI Meeting Assistants to Automate Your Workflow


Meetings, conferences, and lectures are crucial parts of our student and work lives. We go through hundreds of meetings and are barely left with any energy at the end. We need to talk and take notes, then send follow-ups and delegate tasks and priorities, and it is an overall tiring process. Sometimes, we forget to mention key information or miss out on an important detail discussed during the meeting. Fortunately, there are AI tools that can live on your PC rent-free and help you record, summarise, transcribe, provide follow-ups, and more, boosting your and your team’s productivity.

Here are the best AI meeting assistants you must try:


Otter.ai meeting assistant provides transcripts, summaries, action items, and chat support for meetings. OtterPilot automates meeting notes and summaries, while Otter AI Chat allows for Q&A and content generation. It also auto-joins meetings, generates 30-second summaries, and captures action items to keep everyone on track.


MeetGeek is an AI platform for automating meetings. It records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings, providing actionable insights. It saves time by creating summaries of key topics and highlights. The platform offers human-like language summaries, meeting highlights, transcripts with timestamps, and auto-tags for action items. It stores meeting notes securely and allows easy recall through keyword search.


With tl;dv, you can capture and transcribe meetings and use AI to generate detailed summaries and insights. You can process unlimited meetings simultaneously with over 90% transcription accuracy in over 30 languages. The tool automatically group meeting notes and gain insights from multiple sessions simultaneously, allowing you to track progress, spot trends, and discover ideas with seamless analysis.


Noty.ai offers AI-powered tools to transcribe, summarize, and track to-dos. It seamlessly integrates with essential tools and helps transform meetings into actionable items. The platform provides meeting summaries, to-do lists, transcriptions, and more, allowing teams to collaborate effectively. It also generates to-do lists from meeting content, prioritizes tasks, and helps users stay ahead of their workload.


Fireflies.ai automates meeting notes by transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing voice conversations. It provides automatic meeting notes, action items, and transcripts on various platforms. You can upload audio files, capture in-person meetings, and transcribe phone calls. Fireflies.ai also offers collaboration features and conversation intelligence to track key metrics.


Fathom is an AI notetaker that records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings. It automatically syncs meeting summaries and tasks to your CRM and lets you share meeting clips in Slack. You can easily copy/paste your summaries and action items to Slack, Google Docs, Gmail, or your preferred Task Manager. Fathom supports all video conferencing platforms and language or compliance requirements.

In Conclusion:

AI meeting assistants are crucial in improving productivity and efficiency during meetings. The AI tools mentioned offer a range of features, such as transcribing, summarizing, and tracking action items. These can simplify the meeting process and ensure key information is captured and retained. Whether Otter.ai, MeetGeek, tl;dv, Noty.ai, Fireflies.ai, or Fathom, each AI meeting assistant offers unique benefits that can serve different organizational needs. AI meeting assistants can significantly improve collaboration, time management, and overall meeting effectiveness.

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