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The 10 Most Amazing New Figma AI Features


Figma, the popular collaborative design tool, has recently introduced Figma AI, a suite of AI-powered features to improve designers’ creativity and efficiency. These new Figma AI tools are designed to help users overcome creative blocks and simplify their workflow.

Here are the 10 most amazing new Figma AI features:

Make an Image:

Figma AI allows you to generate unique images from text prompts. This feature can help designers quickly import fresh visual content directly into their design mocks, ending the need to search for images externally.

Make Designs:

With Figma AI, creating first drafts has never been easier. You can start with a simple text prompt and produce various stylings and layouts for your design ideas in seconds. This feature helps quickly find the necessary design assets and efficiently create new mockups.

The AI Details:

This feature intelligently rewrites text and auto-names layers and helps you find the necessary assets. It ensures that all elements in a design are well-organized and labeled, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Make Prototype:

Figma AI allows users to quickly transform static mockups into interactive prototypes with the touch of a button. This AI feature eliminates the boring manual work of connecting different elements and allows designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their projects.

Rename Layers:

Organizing layers in a design file can be a daunting task. Figma AI offers a contextual renaming and organization feature, which smartly rewrites text and auto-names layers. This feature makes it easier for designers to manage their projects efficiently.

Remove Background:

Removing image backgrounds is now a simple task with Figma AI. Designers can separate subjects with a single click without the need for manual grabbing and erasing. This feature speeds up the design process and improves precision.

Replace Text Content:

Figma AI can generate and populate realistic text into design mocks, reducing the dependence on placeholder text like lorem ipsum. This feature allows designers to create more true-to-life designs, making their mocks more meaningful and contextual.

Generate, Sort, Summarize:

FigJam AI, a component of Figma AI, helps users imagine complex ideas into simple diagrams, sort feedback, and automate tedious tasks. This feature improves collaboration and ensures that ideas are communicated clearly and effectively.

Shorten, Rewrite, and Translate Text:

This all-in-in text tool can shorten, rewrite, or translate selected text into 10 different languages. Designers can adjust the length and tone of their copy or translate it directly within their design, making it easier to customize content for various audiences.

This feature includes a visual search feature that allows users to find similar or exact designs across their organization using a frame, image, or screenshot. By uploading an image, designers can instantly find matches or similar designs created by their teammates, allowing consistency and saving time.

In Conclusion:

Figma AI is here to change the design workflow with its innovative AI features. By automating dull, repetitive tasks and improving creative processes, these AI tools allow designers to focus more on their creative work and less on the technical aspects. As Figma AI continues to roll out to users, it promises to be an important asset for designers aiming to produce high-quality work efficiently and creatively.



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