The 10 Best GPTs Available in the ChatGPT Store

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Interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone a massive change since OpenAI launched GPTs for ChatGPT. GPTs, or Generated Prompt Transformers, are custom versions of ChatGPT. These GPTs allow you to create personalized AI companions to serve your specific needs without coding expertise, as anyone with access to ChatGPT Plus can create a GPT. 

The development of GPTs has significantly improved our interaction with artificial intelligence (AI), improved the field of education, and boosted our productivity. In this article, we will list some must-have GPTs that can completely change your engagement with AI and take your productivity to a level beyond your current one.

Here are the 10 best GPTs you should have:

Copywriter GPT: Marketing, Branding, and Ads

Copywriter GPT is like your innovative companion that can create viral copywriting ads for you. It easily helps you with viral marketing strategies and can be fine-tuned for your needs. Its latest update can support you on Email and Google Ads platforms, providing optional text humanization and SEO optimization.

Blog Expert: SEO Blogs made easy

Blog Expert is your personal SEO specialist who makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blogs easy. The GPT is your blog content creator with expertise in SEO-optimized content keyword optimization and engaging writing. Within seconds, you can create content that SEO and your readers will love.

Canva: Content Designing

Almost everyone knows about Canva. It is a massive platform that allows you to create digital content from social media posts to school presentations; you name it, Canva can do it. With that strong background, it is easy to say how credible Canva GPT could be. You effortlessly design anything on ChatGPT.

Presentation Slides: Presentation

Presentations are essential no matter where you are. You could be a school or university student or a working professional—everyone needs to create a presentation at some point, which is never easy. Luckily, Presentation Slides GPT can make detailed and effective presentations for you.

Adobe Express: Content Creation

Adobe is massive in content creation, whether photo or video editing and content generation. Adobe Express provides all essential Adobe features for free. It is a free alternative to other Adobe products. Adobe Express stands out by allowing quick and easy making of impactful content. 

Code Copilot: Smart Coding

Software development is a challenging job. You need to grind for hours to create an output, and if you make one mistake, the whole project may go down the drain. Adopting AI or generative AI could be a great help, and Code Copilot lets you do just that. With programming expertise by your side, you can code smartly and build faster.

Tutor Me: Education

Education is important for everyone, and everyone should be able to access it. Tutor me GPT is your AI tutor by Khan Academy! Khan Academy is a non-profit whose GPT will help you with math, science, and humanities questions. Khanmigo Lite will not do the work for you but will help you solve your problems independently.

Math Solver: Maths

Maths could be tough for a few people. You need to dedicate a lot of time to solving some equations. Maths require your full attention, focus, and time to get it unsolved. It is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, there is an advanced GPT. Math Solver can offer step-by-step answers to help you learn maths and other subjects at different levels.

DesignerGPT: Designing

There is a website for everything, but it can be challenging and still costs a lot of money. DesignerGPT is here to create and host beautiful websites and seamlessly integrate DALL·E-generated images for you. It then sends the website to Replit for further customization and personal domain—your all-in-one AI solution for web development.

Grimoire: Programming

Finding a complete programming solution may be difficult, but you shouldn’t leave it once you find one. Grimoire GPT is just that for you. It is a coding wizard and programming copilot with over 20 Hotkeys for coding flows. It offers 75 starter projects to learn prompt-1st code & art. You can build anything and publish it to Netlify & Replit.

In Conclusion:

GPTs have changed how we interact with AI, making our lives easier and more productive. These 10 must-have GPTs can help you in various fields, from content creation and design to programming and education. With these AI companions, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.


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