Suno Launches Mobile App for iPhone Amid Legal Controversy

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Suno, the innovative AI music generator, has launched its first mobile app for iPhone users in the United States. Suno already has over 12 million users on its web-based platform, and it is aiming to make music creation even more accessible with this new app. Users can generate songs from text prompts, turn audio recordings into full tracks, and discover a library of AI-created music.

Key Takeaways:

  • Suno has launched its first mobile app for iPhone users in the U.S., making its AI music generation tools more accessible.
  • The app allows users to generate songs from text prompts, turn audio recordings into full tracks, and explore a library of AI-created music.
  • Suno recently secured $125 million in funding but is facing a lawsuit from major record labels over alleged copyright infringement.
  • Despite legal challenges, Suno aims to make music creation accessible to the masses.
  • The app will have subscription plans and future expansions to other platforms and regions.

The mobile launch follows a substantial $125 million funding round in May, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and supported by well-recognized tech figures such as Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross.

However, Suno’s rapid growth has not been without challenges. Major record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, have sued the company for copyright infringement, alleging that Suno used copyrighted recordings to train its AI models without permission.

Despite the legal battle, Shulman remains confident in Suno’s practices, arguing that their technology creates “completely new outputs” rather than replicating existing content. This lawsuit could set a precedent for how AI companies use copyrighted material for training purposes in the future.

Suno continues to push forward with its mission to make music creation accessible to all using AI. The app offers daily free credits and monthly subscription costs ranging from $10 to $30, serving both casual users and serious creators. While currently available only for iPhone users in the U.S., Suno plans to expand to other regions and Android devices soon.

As Suno faces legal challenges, the new mobile app is important in bringing AI-powered music generators to a broader audience. It remains to be seen how the industry will adapt to AI’s growing influence and whether these legal disputes will impact Suno’s progress.


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