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Starting Side Hustle? 10 AI Tools to Make It Profitable


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become widespread today, with the new generation finding ethical ways to incorporate AI into their educational and professional workplaces. Hence, it’s only natural to consider using AI to help you increase your income through a side hustle, whether you’re a college student seeking hands-on experience, simply looking to improve your side hustle or a challenging passion project.

We all know there are many struggles when we want to start a new business venture due to lack of time and an unseen future. To solve these problems, AI comes into play. One of the major advantages of using AI is its ability to simplify processes efficiently, save time, and boost overall productivity. Many different AI tools are available to help you achieve these benefits.

Here are the 10 best AI tools to simplify your side hustle, regardless of your industry:

For Creating a Business Plan:

To start any business, you first need a business plan; however, it could be hard to create one if you do not have any previous experience. Hence, a good and intelligent generative AI like Google Gemini is important. Google Gemini is not just any ordinary generative AI tool; it is a multi-model that can take in different inputs and even present outputs in text, images, and more. You can prompt: “Can you create a business plan for [your business/industry]?” Gemini will handle the rest for you.

Creating a Website Standout:

We can’t stress enough how valuable it is to have a website at a time when everything is possible online. Not only will people take you more seriously, but you could also be seen by millions worldwide. Creating a website is no hard work in 2024, as you can use tools like Hostinger to create customizable websites using AI within seconds, based on your needs.

Creating Social Media Ads:

Social Media has become a massive platform for making money, whether it is Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Using social media advertisements to advertise yourself or create social media adverts for other organizations could help you get seen and earn extra bucks. The best AI tool for creating adverts is AdCreative.ai, a platform that can help you create impressive ads that have the potential to convert regular views into potential buyers.

Create Your Logo:

A good logo could set a good brand image for a generation, making you recognizable in the public from a far distance. To create a recognizable logo, you do not need any incredible design skills, nor do you need to hire anyone to do it on your behalf. Use Looka, an AI-powered tool, to create logos and build brand image. You can get amazing new ideas for brand logos and make your dream logo within a few minutes to bring your business to life.

Writing Blog Posts and Promotional Content:

For any business you run, you must pitch to grow and sell. However, it can be challenging. Once you have a website, you must add content, which is always challenging. You will need to create content not just to add stuff but to create content that will rank on SEO. How can you create such content? You can create high SEO content using Copy.ai, an ultimate copywriting solution.

Taking Notes During Your Meetings:

An AI meeting assistant that can create meeting notes, summaries, transcripts, and action items is a major time saver in business. MeetGeek is an amazing AI tool for meetings that can transcribe your meeting calls in near real-time and even track your key points. The AI tool works with all major conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet. You can access all meeting notes in one place and save hours.

Image Generation & Photo Editing:

When you have a website, you will add images. Now, you can either generate images using AI or click an image on your own, edit it, and publish it. Generating high-quality images using AI is rather easy. You can use an AI tool like Shutterstock AI to generate and edit quality images for free. You can use Adobe Express, which has almost all the editing and AI features similar to the premium features offered by Adobe.

Video Generation & Video Editing:

Video will also be an important part of business in 2024 as more and more people consume video content daily; hence, you can choose to generate an AI video or record yourself, which could take hours. For long-form videos, you can use Synthesia to generate AI videos. If you want to turn them into short-form content, you can use Klap, which offers AI-powered editing capabilities for instantly converting videos into shorts.

In Conclusion:

Taking advantage of AI tools can greatly simplify and improve various aspects of your side hustle, regardless of your industry. From creating a business plan with Google Gemini to generating high-quality images using Shutterstock AI, these AI tools can save time, boost productivity, and help you establish a strong online presence. With the right AI tools, you can simplify tasks, improve content creation, and ultimately increase your income through your side hustle.

Recommended AI Tools 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝🐝

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  • Distribute:* Within minutes, create customizable pages and mini-websites with drag-and-drop templates. 🐉
  • Decktopus:* An online presentation tool that uses AI to help create presentations effortlessly, without design experience. 📊
  • Meetgeek:* Your AI meeting assistant can automatically record, transcribe, and summarize every meeting.

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