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Runway Gen-3 Alpha Prompting Guide to Generate Better AI Videos


Gen-3 Alpha offers exceptional potential for bringing ideas to life through AI video generation. Creating a strong prompt is important for producing content around your idea. This article will guide you on structuring and refining your prompts to achieve the best results.

Here, we’ll check out different prompt structures, keywords, and tips to help you start using Gen-3 Alpha to its fullest potential.

Prompt Structures:

Base Prompt:

For consistent and high-quality results, prompts should follow a structured format. The format should clearly separate details about the scene, subject, and camera movement. A typical prompt might look like this:

[camera movement]: [establishing scene]. [additional details].

For example, to depict a woman in a tropical rainforest:

“Low angle static shot: The camera is angled up at a woman wearing all orange as she stands in a tropical rainforest with colorful flora. The dramatic sky is overcast and gray.”

Supporting key ideas within the prompt can improve the accuracy of the desired output. For example, specifying a hyperspeed shot can highlight the speed and fluidity of the camera movement.

Sample Prompts:

Seamless Transitions:

Continuous hyperspeed FPV footage: The camera seamlessly flies through a glacial canyon to a dreamy cloudscape.

Camera Movement:

A glowing ocean at night with bioluminescent creatures underwater. The camera starts with a macro close-up of a glowing jellyfish and then expands to reveal the entire ocean lit up with various glowing colors under a starry sky. Camera Movement: Begin with a macro shot of the jellyfish, then gently pull back and up to showcase the glowing ocean.

Text Title Cards:

A title screen with dynamic movement. The scene starts at a colorful paint-covered wall. Suddenly, black paint pours on the wall to form the word ‘Runway.’ The dripping paint is detailed and textured, centered, with superb cinematic lighting.

Prompt Keywords:

Including relevant keywords can significantly improve the specificity and style of your output. Ensure that the chosen keywords align with the overall prompt for maximum effectiveness. For example, keywords about skin texture are less relevant in wide-angle shots and more useful in close-ups.

By learning these techniques, you can unlock the full potential of Gen-3 Alpha. You will be able to bring your creative visions to life with precision and flair.

Find out all the different keywords you can experiment with here!

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow a structured format in prompts to ensure clarity and consistency.
  • Support key ideas within the prompt to increase the accuracy of the desired outcome.
  • Experiment with keywords to improve the specificity and style of your AI video generation.
  • Focus on the content of the scene rather than negations (e.g., “clear sky” instead of “no clouds”).



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