Prompts to Create A Million Dollar Sales Script Using ChatGPT-4o

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When selling, it’s crucial to remember that the focus should be on understanding your customers’ psychology rather than just concentrating on yourself or the products. By diving into their mindset, you can present your offer in a way that resonates with them and increases the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Recognizing the psychology of purchasing is not a manipulative tactic; it’s a necessary tool for comprehending your target audience, effectively positioning your product, and facilitating genuine sales when there’s a demand for your offer.

These guiding principles can be applied to various sales scenarios, whether during a presentation, a conversation, or a series of emails. To create a sales script customized for your product or service, copy, paste, and modify the following text within the brackets.

How to create your sales script using ChatGPT-4o:

Describe the Peak of Your Product Possibility:

Start with an inspiring outcome for your buyer. Share a compelling example of the results they desire. Use a story or fact to shift their mindset to a visionary channel from the beginning. This story should be well-prepared but appear natural. Use this prompt to kickstart your opening.

Prompt: I’m planning a sales call script and want to start with a story that describes the β€˜pinnacle of possibility.’ My audience is high-level executives, and my product helps them streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. Based on their desire for increased productivity and cost savings, please create a relatable story I could tell at the start of my script that helps them understand what they could achieve.

Play the Effort Down:

When describing your product or service, focus on the result and how it will make customers’ lives easier. Explain the outcome without overwhelming them with details and create a sense of reassurance. Let them know that working with you will remove their pain and make the process effortless.

Prompt: After highlighting the potential, I want to guide customers back to the present to show them how to achieve that outcome. To achieve that involves [describe steps], but I aim not to overwhelm them. I want the second part of my script to make achieving the outcome seem achievable and exciting rather than daunting and overwhelming.

Give Relatable Social Proof:

In this section, introduce an aspirational figure who has successfully used your product or service. Highlight the efforts they made, the challenges they faced, and the positive outcomes they achieved. This person should reflect your target audience and provide them with reassurance and inspiration.

Prompt: The next part of the script showcases a customer success story. We will highlight [name your actual customer]’s journey with our product and the results they achieved. This story should emphasize the customer’s efforts, the challenges they faced, and the unexpected benefits they experienced. This part of the script will serve as strong social proof.

Outline the Mission:

When potential customers ask why you created this company, your response should inspire them to join your mission. Begin by expressing your intention to answer this question, and then take it back to the start of your journey. Describe the realization that your product was needed, produce emotional buy-in, and establish your solution as the only way forward. This part is crucial for engaging the audience.

Prompt: After I explained all this, they often asked why I created [company name or product name]. I realized there was a significant problem when [provide context for your founder story, including any realizations or moments of despair]. This problem is what led to the mission of my company. You must understand why it’s such a problem, what I’m doing to solve it, and why it’s in your best interests to care. This ‘mission’ forms the fourth part of my script.

Make a Money:

Remember the following points from the text:

  1. After covering these sections, you can introduce more case studies, delve into use cases, or create a contrast between action-takers and those who contract in fear.
  2. After wrapping up, present the offer and its cost using a “money sandwich” approach: first, provide information, then outline the cost, and finally add something else.
  3. Don’t just leave the price there and sign off. Follow the example of sales professionals and provide additional information after outlining the cost.

Prompt: After discussing the mission, we will transition to the offer. The offer includes [describe your offer, the price, what it includes, and the special offer you will give if they act now]. The price and additional add-ons or items will follow this. Finally, we’ll close with a call to action and an inspiring story or message.

After the above five components of your sales script, just add the following prompt to compile everything together:

Prompt: Please help me merge the components of my script and provide suggestions for personalization and optional stories to include. Also, advise me on delivering each section in my voice, style, and tone, and share ideas for accompanying visuals in a presentation.

You can create a compelling sales script by customizing your message to your audience. Understand the psychology of purchasing and use these principles to position your product in a way that resonates with potential customers. Present your offer using storytelling, social proof, and a structured approach, ending with a powerful call to action. Good luck!

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