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Play.ht : High-quality AI-powered text-to-voice generator


Play.ht, a text-to-voice generator that uses AI technology to produce high-quality audio solutions with the most realistic voices available in almost every language worldwide.

We put the service to the test using the following text: “This is a review of Play.ht. We are testing this service to evaluate how well the AI model converts text to voice. At AI Tools Club, we thoroughly test every service before writing a review.”

We generated two voices using Larry from London, and Abigail from the US, and the results were impressive. The voices sounded very realistic.

You can easily download these files in MP3 or WAV format.

However, it’s worth noting that Play.ht only successfully generated three out of four tests. We were not charged for the failed generation, though.

They offer 800 voices and 130 languages, which is pretty impressive.

Play.ht offers advanced features such as voice cloning, allowing you to create high-quality voices that are almost 99% similar to the original human voices.

You can also quickly create podcast content: publish your audio content on popular platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts by obtaining the RSS feed of your audio files and distributing them across major podcasting platforms.

They offer the possibility to create custom pronunciations for brand names, acronyms, and specific terminologies, which can be saved in your personal pronunciation library.

Pricing: Play.ht offers a free version with a limit of 5,000 words per month.

Alternatively, starting plans begin at $29.95/month.

We recommend you Try Play.ht now!



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