Pictory: Automatically create short, highly-shareable branded videos from your long-form content

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Pictory.AI is a powerful tool for making our youtube videos quickly and easily. I can now produce several YouTube or marketing videos per day.

The platform’s video creation process is incredibly intuitive and customizable. All I need to do is paste the text from my blog or article, and Pictory AI does the rest. They add appropriate video segments with captions and even automatically add music, although I can choose something different if I wish. They also offer many voiceovers to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect fit for my brand.

As a side note, we previously used Canva to create videos but it did not offer voiceovers easily so we use Pictory. We still use and love Canva for other use cases but not videos.

Pictory.ai does not always work perfectly, but you can quickly adjust results.

As long as you are looking for something not too complicated this will work for you to crank out video for social media.

They have few cool features like :

Auto caption of videos

Auto Summarize long videos

Article to video

Edit Videos with Voice using text

Just to recap, great for simple social media videos, less so for complicated videos.


They offer a free trial plan which allows you to create 3 video projects, each of up to 10 mins long!

Their base plan starts at $19/month after.

Try it now!


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