Midjourney Unveils Model Personalization: Create Custom AI Images

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Key Takeaways:

  • Personalization Activation: Requires at least 200 image ratings.
  • Parameter Use: Start with –p for personalized output; control intensity with –s.
  • Dynamic Learning: AI adjusts based on ongoing user ratings.
  • Flexibility: Users can apply their personalization settings or those of other users using shortcodes.
  • User Experience: The feature aims to reduce biases and create more personalized, appealing art.

You may have heard of Midjouirney if you have searched for an AI image generator online. Midjourney, an innovative AI art platform, has announced a groundbreaking feature to refine the user’s creation: ‘Model Personalization.’ This new addition allows you to customize the AI’s image generation capabilities, improving outputs more closely with your unique aesthetic preferences.

The concept behind Model Personalization is to reduce the inherent biases present in Midjourney’s training data by learning from each user’s tastes. This feature is achieved through a process where users rate at least 200 images on the platform. These ratings inform the AI about the user’s preferences, allowing it to generate images that resonate more deeply with what the user finds visually appealing.

How It Works:

  • Every time a user inputs a prompt, there are many unspoken elements that Midjourney’s algorithms need to interpret. Traditionally, the AI fills in these gaps based on its generalized training data, which can introduce certain biases.
  • However, with model personalization, the AI learns to fill these gaps according to the user’s tastes, obtained from their past ratings and image preferences.
  • To activate this feature, users must engage in pair ranking and like images from the explore page, achieving at least 200 ratings.
  • Users can check their rating count by typing /info or visiting the ‘tasks’ section on Midjourney’s alpha site.
  • Once that is done. You can start personalization by adding the –p parameter to the end of a prompt on Discord or the website’s imagine bar.

Control and Flexibility:

You can adjust personalization strength using the stylize parameter (–s). The scale ranges from 0 (personalization off) to 1000 (maximum personalization), with 100 being the default setting. This flexibility lets users control how much their preferences influence the generated images.

Interestingly, personalization is not static. It develops as users rate images, subtly shifting the AI’s understanding of their preferences. Midjourney has stated that updates will start rolling out over the coming weeks. Midjourney will improve this feature’s stability and effectiveness.

Additionally, users can apply personalization to prompts automatically by using the “🙋 Personalization” button in their settings via the /settings command. This adds the –p parameter to all prompts by default. Moreover, users can use the personalization preferences of others by using their shortcodes, a unique identifier for each Midjourney user.

Impact and Potential:

  • The introduction of Model Personalization marks a significant step in AI image generation, aiming to create more personalized and engaging user experiences. \
  • By reducing the generic biases of its training data, Midjourney can deliver art that feels more individually crafted, offering diverse aesthetic sensibilities.
  • This feature might attract a wider user base, from casual art enthusiasts to professional creatives seeking customized AI-generated visuals.
  • As AI grows, such advancements highlight the potential for more human-centric technology applications, reducing the gap between machine learning (ML) and personal creativity.

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