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WhatsApp Launches New AI Tools for Businesses


Key Takeaways:

  • AI Integration: Meta uses AI tools to simplify customer service and improve WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram marketing efforts.
  • Meta Verified: A new verification system for businesses on WhatsApp ensures trust and security by reducing the risk of impersonation.
  • Improved Support: Verified businesses receive better account support and can use WhatsApp across multiple devices.
  • Direct Calling: A new feature allows customers to call larger businesses directly via WhatsApp, improving communication for complex inquiries.

Meta has introduced new AI tools and a WhatsApp verification system for businesses. These announcements were made at Conversations, Meta’s annual business messaging event, highlighting the company’s will to use artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful verification systems to simplify business interactions.

AI Tools to Improve Customer Assistance:

  • Meta is integrating AI tools into WhatsApp to better assist businesses in addressing customer needs. These AI-powered tools are designed to handle common queries, thus allowing faster response times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Automating responses to frequently asked questions will allow businesses to ensure that customers receive prompt and accurate information, reducing the need for human intervention in routine inquiries. Beyond customer service, Meta’s AI tools are also employed to assist businesses in their marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

For example:

The AI can remind customers about items left in their online shopping carts or offer timely discounts, encouraging them to complete their purchases. This integration aims to create a seamless shopping experience across Meta’s platforms, eventually driving sales and improving customer engagement.

Meta Verified for Enhanced Trust and Security:

  • Meta is rolling out Meta Verified on the WhatsApp Business app in select countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia. The Meta Verified badge means that a business has been authenticated by Meta, providing customers with trust and security. This verification process involves businesses registering their information with Meta, reducing the risk of impersonation and fraud.
  • Businesses that obtain the Meta Verified status gain access to improved account support, which includes protection against impersonation and the ability to use WhatsApp across multiple devices. This feature particularly benefits larger businesses with multiple employees needing continuous access to the same account. Moreover, the Meta Verified badge will be visible on the business’s WhatsApp Channel and custom WhatsApp page, further strengthening its credibility.

New Calling Feature for Larger Businesses:

  • Knowing the importance of direct communication, Meta is introducing a feature that allows customers to call larger businesses directly via WhatsApp with just one tap.
  • This feature is useful for complex inquiries, such as detailed travel arrangements or opening a new bank account. By simplifying direct calls, Meta aims to improve the efficiency and usefulness of customer service interactions.
  • This feature is in the testing phase. In the coming months, it will be expanded to more businesses, potentially transforming how businesses and customers communicate.

With these updates, Meta continues to push the boundaries of how businesses can operate on digital platforms, making customer interactions more efficient and secure. The integration of AI and verification systems not only improves user experience but also builds an environment that is more trustworthy for both businesses and consumers.

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