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Meet TikTok Symphony: Generative AI-powered Digital Avatars and AI Dubbing tools for Marketers and Brands


Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok’s new Symphony Digital Avatars uses AI to create customizable avatars for content creators and brands.
  • Two types of avatars are available: Stock Avatars for quick, diverse content creation and Custom Avatars for personalized brand representation.
  • Symphony AI Dubbing translates content into multiple languages, improving global audience engagement.
  • TikTok-first ads are highly effective, boosting purchase intent and brand favorability significantly.

TikTok has announced Symphony Digital Avatars, a cutting-edge feature using the power of generative AI (GenAI) to revolutionize content creation and brand engagement further. This innovation, part of the Symphony generative AI ad suite announced last month, aims to allow creators and brands to scale their creative efforts and engage with global audiences more effectively.

At TikTok World 2024, the company introduced a suite of AI-powered tools under the Symphony umbrella, including Digital Avatars and AI Dubbing for global translations. These AI tools combine human creativity with AI efficiency, improving content development and productivity on the platform.

Symphony Digital Avatars: A Game Changer for Creators and Brands:

The Symphony Digital Avatars are customizable, AI-generated avatars that represent real people. They are designed to help creators and brands produce immersive and authentic content that resonates with TikTok’s diverse user base.

The avatars come in two types:

  1. Stock Avatars: These avatars are pre-built avatars created using paid actors licensed for commercial use. They offer a quick and accessible way for businesses to add a human touch to their content, featuring diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and languages.
  2. Custom Avatars: These avatars are customized to represent a specific creator or brand spokesperson. They can be multilingual, allowing creators and marketers to scale their likeness and brand across different regions.

Andy Yang, Head of Creative Product at TikTok, highlighted the importance of this development: “Symphony Digital Avatars unlock a new avenue for creators to scale their opportunities with brands globally. We aim to fuel the creator economy by investing in creative solutions that spark joy, imagination, and action.

Breaking Language Barriers with AI Dubbing:

To further improve global connectivity, TikTok introduced Symphony AI Dubbing. This tool allows for seamless content translation into over ten languages and dialects. By automatically detecting the original language in a video, transcribing, translating, and producing a dubbed version, AI Dubbing allows creators and brands to communicate inclusively and effectively with their global audience.

Research supports the effectiveness of these AI tools, indicating that TikTok-first ads can boost purchase intent by 37% and brand favorability by 38%. Moreover, 79% of TikTok users prefer brands that know how to create content, especially for the platform.

TikTok is continuously pushing the boundaries of creative content. These AI-powered tools are set to play a key role in shaping the future of digital marketing and global brand engagement with artificial intelligence (AI).

Source: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-us/announcing-symphony-avatars



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