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Meet TerifAI: An AI Voice Cloner That Can Steal Your Voice


Introducing TerifAI (pronounced “terrify”), an AI showing the amazing potential of AI voice cloning. This educational tool shows how quickly AI can mimic and clone your voice. This tool is amazing for testing and understanding the potential of AI voice cloning.

Engage with TerifAI for just a minute, and it will:

  • Memorize basic facts about you.
  • Mimic, your talking style.
  • Clone your voice and speak back to you.

This automation occurs in a few seconds, making it a powerful yet chilling example of AI’s capabilities. Try it out with friends and family to experience the future of conversational AI firsthand.

Pipecat, the framework behind TerifAI, is an open-source tool for building voice and multimodal conversational agents. From personal coaches and meeting assistants to storytelling toys and customer support bots, Pipecat offers flexibility and scalability. You can get started locally on your personal computer and transition to the cloud. You can integrate telephone numbers, image outputs, video inputs, and various LLMs as needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • TerifAI showcases amazing voice cloning capabilities through AI.
  • It memorizes, mimics, and clones voices in seconds.
  • Pipecat provides a flexible framework for different conversational AI applications.
  • Easily scale from local development to cloud deployment with additional features.



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