Instagram Unveils New Stickers for Stories: Improving Creativity and Connectivity

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Social media apps are evolving with time, and Instagram is continuously innovating, offering its users fresh ways to express themselves and connect with others. Recently, the platform launched a set of new stickers for Instagram Stories, providing users with more ways to share their passions, memories, and creativity with friends and followers. 

Let’s dive deeper into these exciting features:

Share Your Favorite Songs With Add Your Music:

Instagram combines the beloved Add Yours feature with music stickers, allowing users to share their current favorite tunes with their followers. 

Users can choose a song from Instagram’s music library by tapping the stickers icon and selecting “Add Yours Music.” 

Once shared, friends can also contribute their musical selections, encouraging more engagement and interaction through shared musical experiences.

Spotlight Memories With the Frames Sticker:

The Frames sticker offers a nostalgic twist, turning ordinary photos into instant prints similar to a Polaroid. 

Users can select a photo from the camera roll, add a desired caption, and post it to their Story. 

To reveal the content within the frame, followers must shake their phones, adding an element of surprise and interactivity to shared memories.

Find Hidden Stories With the Reveal Sticker:

For those who enjoy a bit of mystery, the Reveal sticker allows users to post hidden stories for their followers to see. 

By selecting the Reveal sticker and typing a hint, users attract friends and followers to send a direct message (DM) to reveal the hidden content. 

This feature sparks curiosity and encourages direct engagement and interaction between users.

Get Creative With Cutouts:

With the Cutouts sticker, Instagram allows users to transform everyday moments into custom stickers. 

By selecting a photo or video from their camera roll and using the Cutouts feature, users can create unique stickers to improve their Stories and reels. 

These personalized cutouts are easily accessible for future use, allowing users to fill their content with their distinct style and creativity.


Instagram’s introduction of these new stickers for Stories shows the growth of social media applications to improve creativity, self-expression, and meaningful connections among its users. Whether it’s sharing favorite songs, spotlighting memories, uncovering hidden stories, or getting creative with cutouts, these features provide users easy-to-use tools for a better Instagram experience. It is cool to see how much social media platforms have grown.



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