Ideogram Introduces Image Upscale Feature for Stunning Image Enhancement

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ideogram Upscale image enhancement can upscale images to a stunning 2K resolution.
  • Available for Basic, Plus, and Pro subscribers on Ideogram’s website.
  • The tool allows improvements of both existing Ideogram images and user-uploaded images.
  • It offers control over resemblance, detail, and style through adjustable settings.

Ideogram, a popular AI image and art generator, has launched its new feature, Ideogram Upscale. This feature promises image enhancement to a stunning 2K resolution, ensuring professional-quality visuals with exceptional clarity and sharpness, even in the closest of close-ups.

Ideogram Upscale is now available to Basic, Plus, and Pro subscribers on Ideogram. This feature uses advanced capabilities to improve every pixel of your image. The technology is engineered to enhance image color, details, text rendering, and photorealism, transforming them into a high-resolution output. By fixing the problems present in the original image, it provides you with a flawless final product, regardless of your subscription tier.

One of the standout features is its ability to allow users to enhance existing Ideogram images by increasing their resolution by a factor of 2X. Plus and Pro users can also upload their own photos, including those generated by other AI platforms, to be improved and enhanced using this powerful tool.

The feature offers you several ways to control the trade-off between maintaining similarity to the original image and introducing new details.

You can adjust:

  1. Resemblance: The degree of similarity to the input image.
  2. Detail: The level of creative enhancement.
  3. Prompting: Guidance on the desired content and style for the image.

This flexibility provides custom improvement based on specific needs, whether you are aiming for subtle improvements or dramatic transformations.

The introduction of Upscale is major news for AI-powered image enhancement. It provides a powerful tool for creators, designers, and professionals looking to upgrade the quality of their AI art and images to new heights.

Try it out:

Upscale is available for Ideogram Basic, Plus, and Pro plans!

Here’s how to use Upscale:

Step 1:

Go to any Ideogram image you want to upscale, then press the Upscale button.

If you’re a Plus or Pro member: With the Image Upload feature, you can start by uploading your image from the prompt box and selecting Upscale.

Step 2 (Optional)

To customize the Upscale behavior, you can adjust Resemblance and Detail in the prompt box. You can also edit the prompt to make small changes.

Step 3

Press Upscale! Your original image will be on the left, and the upscaled result will be visible on the right.

Ideogram Upscale will become an essential resource for anyone looking to achieve the best image enhancement, clarity, and detail.



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