How to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Excel using Numerous AI

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Microsoft Excel is used by over 99% of businesses worldwide, with around 1.2 billion active users. Yet, most people still use it at a basic level. To get more done with Excel, you need to use AI. That is where Numerous AI come in. It is a game-changer that’s revolutionizing how we interact with spreadsheets. Numerous AI brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to Google Sheets and Excel, ending the need for complex formulas and lengthy tutorials.

Here’s everything you need to know about this AI tool and how it can improve your productivity:

What is Numerous AI?

Numerous AI integrates ChatGPT directly into Google Sheets and Excel. It provides a simple, powerful, cost-effective solution for various digital marketing and data management tasks. Numerous can generate AdWords keywords, ad copy, Facebook campaign structures, ad titles, SEO content, and more. This AI tool helps handle large bodies of open-ended text like articles, user surveys, or social media content by summarizing, rewriting, and extracting content. Additionally, Numerous AI can clean and normalize messy user input, making it invaluable for data management.

Here is how to use ChatGPT inside Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets:

1. The Best Tool for Creating Excel Formulas Quickly:

Numerous AI saves hours on tasks like categorizing, extracting, writing text, and cleaning data. Instead of spending time learning and applying complex formulas, Numerous AI simplifies these processes, making your workflow more efficient.

2. Generate Formulas and Perform Repetitive Tasks:

With Numerous AI, you can easily generate formulas, categorize items, format cells, and perform repetitive tasks. It simplifies these operations, reducing the time and effort required to maintain your spreadsheets.

3. =AI: Batch Processing with ChatGPT:

Use the =AI(…) function to prompt ChatGPT in batch. By dragging the formula down, you can simultaneously apply ChatGPT’s capabilities to multiple cells. This feature allows you to use AI technology multiple times, significantly improving your productivity.

4. =INFER: Teaching AI to Complete Your Tasks:

The =INFER(…) function allows you to teach Numerous AI to perform your tasks. By providing a few examples, the AI learns to complete the work for you, automating your workflow and reducing manual effort.

5. =WRITE: Generating Text with AI:

The =WRITE(…) function allows ChatGPT to write various types of content for you. You can create marketing copy, SEO descriptions, customer replies, and more. This function uses AI to produce high-quality text, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

In Conclusion:

Numerous AI is revolutionizing how we use spreadsheets, simplifying complex tasks, and ending the need for advanced formulas and tutorials. By integrating ChatGPT directly into Google Sheets and Excel, Numerous AI improves your productivity, allowing users to focus on more strategic activities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing data, generating content, or cleaning up user input. Numerous AI is the only tool you’ll ever need to transform your workflow.


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