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How to sign up on Google Labs, and why?


When you think of Google’s AI technology, the AI chatbot Gemini may come to mind. However, the tech giant has many other generative AI experiments to improve your workflow and search experience, generate music, and more. Google has yet to release many of these projects broadly, but they are available for testing via Google Labs, the company’s platform for experimenting with new features and products.

Signing Up for Google Labs: Joining Google Labs is a straightforward process.

Step 1: Visit the Google Labs website.

Step 2: Select the experiment you want to try.

Step 3: You must sign in with your personal Google account.

Remember that some experiments might have specific instructions or a waitlist, so keep an eye on your email for notifications. Also, some or most of these features are unavailable worldwide, so you may need a VPN to access them. We won’t mention Veo in this article as it is not publicly available yet.

Why Should You Join Google Labs?

AI Overviews in Search:

One of the key features available through Google Labs is the Search Generative Experience (SGE), an AI-powered version of Google Search. This feature provides AI-generated summaries at the top of your search results, giving quick insights custom to your question.


Illuminate is another innovative experiment from Google Labs designed to simplify the understanding of research papers. This tool converts complex research documents into short audio conversations custom to your learning preferences, making it easier for research papers to digest technical content.


Google introduced NotebookLM, an AI-powered Notebook that interacts with the content you input, such as Google Docs, PDFs, or copied text, to provide summaries, explanations, and key topics. This tool is particularly beneficial for students who can input class notes and materials to stay organized and receive AI assistance. Here’s how you can get started with NotebookLM.


For those interested in music creation, Google Labs offers MusicFX, an AI tool that generates music based on your text prompts. This experiment is more focused on fun and creativity rather than productivity. Type in a description of the music you want to hear, and MusicFX will create a track for you to download or share.

Submitting Your Generative AI Experiments:

Google Labs is about testing experiments and promoting AI innovation. Developers working on personal AI projects can submit their work to Google to be featured in the experiment gallery.


Google Labs offers a platform for the future of AI technology, allowing users to find cutting-edge AI experiments. Whether you want to improve your productivity, generate creative content, or simplify complex information, Google Labs provides a platform to experience and shape the next generation of AI tools. Joining Google Labs is not just about early access; it’s about being part of a community that drives AI innovation and technological advancement.

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