How to Get Started with Microsoft Planner in Teams

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The updated Microsoft Planner is now seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Planner merges Microsoft To-Do and Project features to improve task management. This update to Microsoft Planner focuses on improving daily planning, task prioritization, and collaboration within Microsoft 365.

Here’s a quick overview of how these new features can transform your workday:

Enhanced Integration and Accessibility:

The new Microsoft Planner is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, offering a simplified task management experience within the familiar environment. This integration assures all your tasks and plans are accessible in one convenient location. It doesn’t matter whether part of individual plans, team projects, or larger-scale projects is aligned with strategic goals.

My Day: Daily Focus and Organization:

The My Day feature provides a clutter-free space to focus on tasks that need your attention today. Key elements include:

  • Handpicked Priorities: Easily determine and add your main tasks for the day.
  • Auto-Population: Tasks from My Tasks and personal plans due today automatically appear in My Day.
  • Daily Reset: My Day clears itself every night, allowing you to start fresh each day with a personalized task list.

My Tasks: Centralized Task Management:

The My Tasks view centralizes all tasks relevant to you in one place, organized into four distinct views:

  • Private Tasks: Quickly jot down tasks that do not belong to any specific plan.
  • Assigned to Me: View tasks assigned to you across Teams, plans, and Loop components.
  • Flagged Emails: Automatically see tasks from flagged emails in Outlook.
  • All: Aggregate view of all tasks, with filtering options to sort by due date, urgency, and more.

My Plans: Comprehensive Plan Overview:

My Plans consolidates all your plans from various sources:

  • Recent: Access your most recently viewed plans.
  • Shared: View plans shared with you.
  • Personal: See your personal plans and lists.
  • Pinned: Quickly access pinned plans.
  • My Teams: View all plans shared within a Teams channel.

Creating New Plans:

Creating new plans is straightforward. Select “New” in the left navigation, then choose either a blank or out-of-the-box template matching your use case. 

This feature supports personal and shared plans, improving team collaboration and project management.

Task Notifications:

Stay updated with task notifications directly in your Team’s activity feed. Notifications include:

  • Task assignments and changes in urgency.
  • Progress updates on tasks assigned to you.
  • Removal from task assignments.

In Conclusion:

The updated Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams offers a powerful and complete solution for managing tasks and projects with Microsoft 365. These Microsoft To-Do and Project features improve daily planning, task prioritization, and team collaboration. Microsoft Planner helps you regain control over your workday and boost productivity.



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