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How to Create Stunning B2B AI Videos Using Synthesia: Free Demo


A UK-based AI video startup, Synthesia, has announced its latest offering, Expressive Avatars, a groundbreaking technology that takes the company to new heights. These ‘digital actors’ now feature enhanced facial expressions, more accurate lip sync, and human-like voices, a significant leap forward in the field of text-to-audio AI. 

These fourth-generation avatars can generate entirely new and unique performances, greatly expanding the range of expression and interaction, which is a significant upgrade. Synthesia’s text-to-video platform comes with over 160 stock AI avatars, which the company has created based on paid human actors with their consent. 

The platform, designed with user-friendliness in mind, allows teams to effortlessly collaborate on videos from start to finish and create content in over 130 languages. The startup has set its sights on enterprise and B2B content creation, demanding easy-to-create, engaging, and human-like video. While it aims to replace the entire video production process with its software, CEO Victor Riparbelli said during a release 

Here’s how you can generate B2B videos without any hustle:

Step 1: Go to the Synthesia website and click on Create a free AI video.

Step 2: Choose one of the 3 video templates.

Step 3: Add the video script of your choice in any language you want and click on Generate Free AI Video.

Step 4: Enter your details to receive your first free AI video via email.

Step 5: When your video is ready, you will receive an email like this. Click on Watch your AI video to check out your creation.

In Conclusion:

Synthesia‘s Expressive Avatars technology is a great leap forward in text-to-audio AI. The startup aims to revolutionize B2B content creation with its user-friendly platform, providing teams hassle-free way to create engaging and human-like videos in over 130 languages. By following the simple steps on the Synthesia website, anyone can generate B2B videos with ease. Create your first free demo today.



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