Google Project Astra: A True AI Assistant, better than GPT-4o?

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After the OpenAI Spring Update event, it received widespread praise for the latest innovations but quickly got overshadowed by Googl’es latest event. To backtrack a bit following the success of ChatGPT, Google introduced its own large language model (LLM) called Bard, later renamed Gemini, and has been competing closely with OpenAI.

A day after the OpenAI Spring event, today, Google held its own event, Google I/O ’24, where they introduced many cool innovations and announced many big news for developers and the general public, the biggest of which was Project Astra.

Google’s Project Astra is a true AI assistant, a universal AI agent that assists with daily tasks. It is powered by the best family of Gemini AI models, showing a significant advancement in AI technology.

Project Astra is a refined AI agent with advanced capabilities to see, talk, understand, and respond like humans. It can remember everything it has seen and can communicate without any delays. 

Google has been working on Project Astra for years, and it’s finally here. Project Astra is an engineering marvel that works on smartphones and even on improved Google Glasses. Google’s ongoing innovations have significantly improved its AI models, allowing better input processing, reasoning, and more natural interactions to deliver a personal AI assistant experience.

In Conclusion:

The competition in AI is heating up, with both OpenAI and Google taking significant steps to develop advanced AI models. With its advanced capabilities and refined AI agent, Google’s Project Astra marks a significant leap forward in the development of AI assistants. OpenAI and Google’s efforts to push the boundaries of AI technology are making the way for a new era of intelligent, adaptive, and human-like virtual assistants.


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