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Google Pixel 9 LEAK: New Hands-On VIDEO Reveals Display and Design


Another year, another Google Pixel gets leaked. The Google Pixel 9 has made another leaked appearance online, this time in a hands-on video that gave a complete look at the device. The video, originally posted on TikTok by @reparation_mobile23, shows the pink Pixel 9 from all angles, including a first look at the display.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new hands-on video reveals the pink Google Pixel 9 from all angles, including the display.
  • Symmetrical bezels and a flat glass panel maintain the sleek design.
  • The video showcases the new Pixel 9 wallpapers and a glossy finish on the back.
  • The official launch of the Pixel 9 series is scheduled for August 13, 2024.

This latest leak confirms that the Pixel 9 will feature a completely flat glass panel, similar to its predecessors, with bezels that appear identical to those of the Pixel 8. Notably, the front view showcases symmetrical bezels, with the lower bezel matching the sides, creating a sleek, balanced appearance. The phone’s display also reveals one of the new Pixel 9 wallpapers.

The back of the device, visible in the video, features a glossy finish and a distinctive camera bar, while the frame is like the squared-off design of recent iPhone models. This leak aligns with the previous one and suggests continuing Google’s design evolution.

Despite the hands-on nature of the video, little is shown of the software version, leaving it unclear whether the device is running Android 14 or 15. With Google’s Pixel 9 series launch on August 13, more details are expected to come soon.



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