Get More Free Access to ChatGPT-4o (Unlimited Option Available)

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ChatGPT is an amazing tool without an ounce of doubt. ChatGPT is one of the best and most well-known AI chatbots available on the market. GPT-4o launched during the OpenAI Spring event and changed how we interact with ChatGPT. However, there is an issue: the GPT-4o is free to ChatGPT users but has 80 messages limit every three hours. That limit could annoy many people, although big credits to the OpenAI team for providing it for free. Going through the quota system of ChatGPT-4o can be challenging. Whether you’re a heavy user or simply find the limit restrictive, here are 4 platforms that offer additional free access to ChatGPT 4o.

4 platforms that offer additional free access to ChatGPT-4o:

  • Features: This AI search engine supports multiple models, including ChatGPT-4o, and offers features like web browsing, voice input, and attachment handling. It assures reliability by mentioning sources for its responses, making it a powerful alternative.
  • provides 5 GPT-4o powered messages per day for free.


    • Features: Beyond GPT-4o, Poe hosts a variety of official and user-made AI bots for tasks like math problem-solving to image generation and programming assistance. You can also create custom bots and customize it to a specific needs.
    • Poe offers 10 ChatGPT 4o messages daily at no cost.

      Lutton AI:

      • Features: While the interface is in Korean, users can easily translate it for seamless interaction. Lutton AI supports features like image and code attachments, making it a versatile option for users seeking uninterrupted access.
      • Lutton AI provides unrestricted access to GPT-4o without any apparent rate limits.

        AI SDK on Vercel:

        • Features: Operating on the cloud platform Vercel, this service allows customization of advanced settings such as output token limits and response temperature. Users can choose to log in to save chat history, enhancing user experience and control.
        • AI SDK on Vercel offers limited but free access to GPT-4o.

          In Conclusion:

          Dealing with ChatGPT-4o’s message quota system can slow your productivity, but these services provide possible solutions to extend your access. You have many options, whether you prefer the structured environment of, the bot-rich ecosystem of Poe, the unrestricted usage of Lutton AI, or the customizable features of AI SDK on Vercel. All 4 options offer unique advantages to help maximize your ChatGPT-4o usage without hitting the message cap prematurely. Try these four alternatives to find the one that best fits your needs and workflow.


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