Get Generative AI, Gemini, and more AI features on Chromebook Plus

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Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced AI Features: Google integrates Gemini and other AI-powered tools into Chromebook Plus for improved productivity and creativity.
  • Help Me Write and Read: AI-powered writing and reading assistance tools simplify content creation and comprehension.
  • Improved Collaboration: New features like Screencast, noise cancellation, and generative AI backgrounds improve team collaboration.
  • Optimized for Google Workspace: Gemini and other AI capabilities are customized for seamless integration with Google Workspace.
  • Continuous Updates: Google plans to roll out additional AI features and enhancements annually.

To improve productivity and creativity in business environments, Google has announced that it will integrate its AI chatbot Gemini and a suite of AI-powered features into ChromeOS. These capabilities are set to be exclusive to the newly launched Chromebook Plus laptops, with strict hardware requirements to ensure seamless performance. As part of the rollout, new Chromebook Plus owners will receive 12 months of Google One AI Premium plan for free, which includes access to the more advanced Gemini model.

A New Era for Chromebook Plus:

Last year, Google introduced the Chromebook Plus category, designed to offer up to twice the processing power, memory, and storage compared to standard Chromebooks. These improvements are paired with software and AI capabilities customized to handle demanding workloads. The recent announcement expands on this foundation with new AI features to boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Enhancing Productivity with AI:

To simplify workflows, Google is introducing a set of AI-powered features that empower users to work smarter:

  • Help Me Write: This AI tool allows users to refine text on any web page or app. By selecting text and right-clicking, users can ask Google’s AI to rewrite, rephrase, or change the tone of the selected text. This feature also supports writing from scratch, helping users generate content based on a few keywords.
  • Adaptive Charging: This feature preserves battery health by predicting usage patterns and limiting a device’s time at full charge.
  • Window Summary: When logging back into the device, users see a summary of previously open windows, making it easy to resume work.
  • Google Task and Calendar Integration: This feature provides seamless access to to-do lists across devices, helping users stay organized.
  • Focus Mode: Minimizes distractions by setting dedicated focus times based on the to-do list and calendar.
  • Help Me Read: This tool summarizes websites or PDFs with a right-click and answers follow-up questions about the content for a deeper understanding.

Boosting Creativity and Collaboration:

Google is also launching new features to enhance content creation and team collaboration:

  • Screencast: This tool allows recording, editing, and sharing content in up to 12 languages. It is ideal for creating training programs, product demos, and presentations.
  • Noise Cancellation and Lighting: AI-powered improvements for any app using the microphone or camera, improving call quality.
  • Generative AI Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Users can create custom wallpapers and video call backgrounds that are customized to their preferences.

Using Google Workspace and Gemini:

The integration of Google Workspace and Gemini extends the AI capabilities beyond the operating system:

  • Gemini for Google Workspace: This integration offers premium AI capabilities for tasks like research, generating copy and images, and more. It helps users be productive whether they are working in Google Workspace, Chrome browser, or ChromeOS.
  • Device Management: The Google Admin console now features Device Hub, which centralizes agile information for IT admins and provides notifications and recommendations based on potential issues.

Upcoming Features and Continuous Updates:

Google is committed to progressively rolling out these AI features, starting with automatic updates in June. Future improvements include:

  • Magic Editor in Google Photos: This Google Photos app allows users to edit photos by removing unwanted objects, moving subjects, and filling in backgrounds.
  • AI-Powered Video Call Controls: Improves call clarity and lightning and uses generative AI to create background and noise cancellation.
  • Improved Tab Organization: This feature automatically groups tabs based on user activity.
  • Hands-Free Control: This feature will use Project Gameface to allow users to control devices using face gestures and head movements.


Google’s integration of advanced AI into Chromebook Plus laptops significantly allows business teams to work more efficiently and creatively. These AI features are designed to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and provide powerful tools for content creation. With these advancements, Chromebook Plus is set to revolutionize how business teams operate, providing them the tools to achieve greater efficiency and creativity in their work.

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