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Free Access to ChatGPT-4o coming soon on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


ChatGPT will become available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices later this year, integrated into Siri and Apple’s system-wide writing tools. This integration means you’ll be able to use OpenAI’s impressive AI chatbot without needing a separate app. 

Engaging with ChatGPT on Apple devices might begin with using on-device AI features, such as interacting with Siri or creating written content. If the system detects an opportunity for ChatGPT to assist you, it will inquire whether you’re interested.

When interacting with Siri, Apple’s assistant prompts you to confirm whether you’re comfortable with your query being directed to the chatbot, you have the option to either consent to the request or decline. 

In terms of the writing tools, you have the ability to input ChatGPT prompts, allowing it to produce written content based on your input. Additionally, this functionality allows you to create custom images without the need to switch to a separate window or tab. 

Apple’s recent announcement includes a new feature that allows users to ask questions using images. This feature can be incredibly useful for identifying objects or plants and seeking information about documents, PDFs, or presentations. 

The absence of any reference to GPT-4o’s voice or vision features is notable, indicating that the focus is primarily on image recognition. The emphasis on seeking permission highlights the importance of user consent, ensuring that ChatGPT does not access any data or questions without explicit approval.

Additionally, Apple has clarified that these features can be used without requiring a ChatGPT account, and all requests will remain unlogged and unsaved on external servers. At the same time, not entirely on-device AI, Apple’s efforts to prioritize user privacy are pretty obvious.

Remember that everyone will have free access to the fundamental ChatGPT features. Those with an existing ChatGPT subscription can also access additional paid features within the Apple ecosystem. 

ChatGPT is the sole AI model integrated into Apple’s ecosystem, but this may change in the future. While details about specific plans are not yet available, Apple has mentioned that support for other AI models will be introduced at some point down the line in the future.

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