Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro for iPad, the biggest Apple apps updated

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Key Takeaways:

  • Apple unveils new iPad Pros alongside updated Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro apps.
  • Final Cut Pro 2 introduces Live Multicam, external drive support, and enhanced rendering speeds.
  • Logic Pro 2 features AI-powered Session Players for virtual Bass and Keyboard Players.
  • Both apps offer extensive customization options for editing and music production.
  • Pricing for Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2 follows a subscription model, with a free update for existing users.

Apple has announced new iPad Pros accompanied by updated versions of its popular editing software, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. These improvements will improve iPad users’ creative capabilities, using the power of Apple’s latest M4 silicon.

Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad:

  • Enhanced Features: Final Cut Pro 2 introduces Live Multicam, external drive support, Live Drawing, and more, promising an improved editing experience.
  • Rendering Speed: The M4 silicon reportedly doubles rendering speeds, while users can expect a quadruple increase in streams for editing ProRES RAW content.
  • Live Multicam: Users can now film scenes from up to four angles simultaneously using devices like iPhones or iPads, which have wireless connectivity via the Final Cut Camera app.
  • Director’s View: Similar to the director’s view on Andriod, the Final Cut Camera allows for simultaneous capture from multiple cameras, offering greater flexibility during filming.
  • Customization Options: The app provides multiple options for customizing video projects, including color grading presets, text title styles, soundtrack options, and dynamic visual overlays.

Logic Pro 2 for iPad:

  • AI-Powered Features: Logic Pro 2 introduces Session Players, an AI-powered backing band offering virtual Bass and Keyboard Players for enhanced music creation.
  • Virtual Bass Player: Users can select from various virtual bass player personalities and adjust performance nuances, with additional support for premade bass loops.
  • Virtual Keyboardist: The virtual keyboardist can play anything from basic chords to advanced jazz voicings, following chord changes and offering flexibility for musicians.
  • Studio Piano Plug-in: The iPad has been given support for the Studio Piano plug-in, which allows for deeper customization, including mic positioning, pedal noise, key release sounds, and sympathetic string resonance.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad will be a free update for existing users in the spring. New buyers can purchase it for $5 per month or $49 per year.
  • Logic Pro 2 for iPad will be available on May 13, following the same pricing structure as Final Cut Pro 2.

Apple’s latest offerings aim to give more creative freedom with advanced tools and features, bringing professional-grade editing and music production capabilities to the iPad Pro.


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