Everything announced during the OpenAI GPT-4o Spring event, it’s free

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Key Takeaways:

  • GPT-4o is a significant leap towards multimodal AI, integrating text, vision, and audio processing.
  • OpenAI is revolutionizing human-machine interaction, allowing more natural and seamless communication with AI systems.
  • ChatGPT receives a major upgrade with GPT-4o, offering improved voice, text, and vision capabilities.
  • OpenAI highlights future potential for GPT-4o, envisioning advanced functionalities and improved user experiences.
  • GPT-4o offers improved multilingual support, efficiency, and accessibility across various platforms and pricing tiers.

OpenAI has unveiled the release of its latest flagship model, GPT-4o. The “o” in GPT-4o signifies its omnimodal capabilities, integrating text, vision, and audio processing.

During a keynote presentation in San Francisco, Mira Murati, OpenAI’s CTO, highlighted GPT-4o’s advancements. She highlighted that the model achieves “GPT-4-level” intelligence while significantly improving text, vision, and audio comprehension.

Revolutionizing Human-Machine Interaction

GPT-4o‘s voice, text, and vision integration allows a new way of interaction between users and AI systems. Users can naturally engage with AI, interrupt conversations, and receive real-time responses reflecting emotional expression.

Enhanced ChatGPT Experience

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s popular chatbot, transforms with GPT-4o. You can now interact with ChatGPT in a more assistant-like, using voice commands and receiving answers incorporating emotional styles.

Vision Capabilities

GPT-4o equips ChatGPT with enhanced vision capabilities, allowing it to analyze images and provide relevant information, such as identifying objects or analyzing text within images.

Future Potential

OpenAI envisions GPT-4o growing to support advanced functionalities, such as live event commentary and real-time translation, promising a seamless and immersive user experience.

Multilingual and Efficient

GPT-4o has improved multilingual performance and enhanced efficiency, offering faster processing speeds at a lower cost compared to its predecessor.

ChatGPT UI Refresh and Desktop Versions

In addition to GPT-4o, OpenAI introduces an updated ChatGPT user interface (UI) for web users and desktop versions for macOS, with a Windows version scheduled for later release.

Expanded Access to GPT Store

Finally, OpenAI expands access to the GPT Store, allowing free users to explore a library of third-party chatbots and access previously paywalled features like memory capabilities.

Availability and Pricing

GPT-4o is accessible across OpenAI’s products, with availability in the free tier of ChatGPT and premium plans offering expanded features. To manage misuse risks, OpenAI plans to gradually introduce GPT-4o’s audio capabilities to select partners.


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