Design your dream home using AI: Turn sketch into reality

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From a young age, we all have a dream house, and the older we get, we either achieve our childhood dreams or have a new perspective on what should be our dream house. We also want to improve or change our rooms to different styles to change the vibe of the place you might spend most of your time in.

With your dream house, you can at least draw down your dream house idea on paper, but with your room, you may need new ideas or more inspiration. Luckily, you can use AI to bring your dream house into reality and give your room a fresh look.

Here’s how you can bring your dream house to reality:

Step 1: Visit the official ArchiVinci website and click “Generate“.

Step 2: ArchiVinci offers many features, but to turn your sketch into a click on the first option, “Exterior design AI.”

Step 3: Upload a sketch and fill in the other requirements.

Step 4: Click generate and wait for a few minutes.

To change your room design:

Step 1: Change the Render Mode to interior design. Upload the image of your room.

Step 2: Fill the required descriptions.

Step 3: Click Generate to see your new room within seconds.

In Conclusion:

Whether you dream of your ideal house or want to update your room, AI can help bring your ideas to life. Using tools like ArchiVinci, you can easily turn your sketches into reality and give your spaces a fresh look. AI can provide the inspiration and guidance needed to create your desired living spaces, from exterior to interior design.

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