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Brazil Stops Meta from Using Local User Data to Train AI Models


Brazil’s data protection watchdog, the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), ordered Meta to stop using Brazilian user data for AI training. This decision comes based on Meta’s privacy policy update. Meta’s policy update allowed it to use public posts from its platforms to train and refine its generative AI systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brazil’s ANPD has ordered Meta to stop using local user data for AI training.
  • Key concerns include inadequate legal basis, lack of transparency, excessive limitations on user rights, and insufficient safeguards for minors.
  • Meta faces daily fines if it doesn’t comply and has called the decision a setback for innovation.
  • This move reflects growing global privacy concerns as tech companies advance AI development.
  • Users in Brazil have gained victory in controlling personal data amid AI advancements.

The ANPD has mentioned several key concerns in its order:

  1. Inadequate Legal Basis: The watchdog challenges Meta’s reliance on “legitimate interest” to justify processing sensitive personal data, arguing it lacks sufficient legal grounding.
  2. Lack of Transparency: Regulators claim Meta failed to provide clear and accessible information regarding the privacy policy changes and their implications for users.
  3. Excessive Limitations on User Rights: The ANPD found that Meta placed unnecessary obstacles for users attempting to exercise their data protection rights.
  4. Insufficient Safeguards for Minors: There is particular concern over the potential use of children’s and adolescents’ data without adequate protections.

Meta now faces fines of 50,000 reais ($8,820) daily if it doesn’t comply within five days. The company has responded by stating that its approach complies with Brazil’s privacy laws. Meta labeled the ANPD’s decision as a setback for innovation that could delay AI benefits for Brazilians.

This action by the ANPD is powerful, given that Facebook alone has 102 million active users in the country. It also follows similar regulatory challenges faced by Meta in Europe, where it recently paused its data collection plans for AI training. Meanwhile, in the U.S., where online privacy laws are less strict, Meta continues its data collection activities unchecked.

The Brazilian decision is also in line with a recent Human Rights Watch report. The report exposed how the LAION-5B AI training dataset contains identifiable photos of Brazilian children, raising serious ethical issues.

As tech giants like Meta push the boundaries of AI development, they increasingly face a growing wall of privacy concerns. Brazil’s stance highlights the tension between fast AI advancements and the need to protect personal information.

Going through these international privacy regulations is important for Meta to continue its AI development. For users, ANPD’s decision shows a powerful win in the fight to maintain control over personal data in the age of AI.

Source: https://www.gov.br/anpd/pt-br/assuntos/noticias/anpd-determina-suspensao-cautelar-do-tratamento-de-dados-pessoais-para-treinamento-da-ia-da-meta 



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