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Boost Your Data Analysis with ChatGPT-4o’s New Cloud Files Upload Feature


Google Gemini Pro 1.5 can properly analyze data and help organizations solve data-related problems. Although Google Gemini is an amazing tool, people have been more accepting of adopting ChatGPT by OpenAI into their workplace, workflow, and daily lives. OpenAI has recently announced improvements in data analysis in ChatGPT. You can add files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive and directly interact with tables and charts.

ChatGPT data analysis improvements are available on OpenAI’s new flagship model, GPT-4o, for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.


How does data analysis work in ChatGPT?

The latest improvements within ChatGPT have improved its capacity to understand datasets and execute tasks using natural language. You can get started by uploading one or more data files, and ChatGPT can analyze your data by generating and running Python code on your behalf.

ChatGPT can perform various tasks, such as combining and cleaning large datasets, producing visual representations, and revealing valuable insights, all key features and responsibilities of a data analyst. This functionality simplifies complex analyses for beginners and reduces the time experts spend on everyday data-cleaning tasks.

Adding files directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive:

You can now directly add various file types from your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to ChatGPT. This ability makes it easier for ChatGPT to quickly understand your Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files. So that you do not need to download files to your desktop and re-upload them, that process has been streamlined, allowing you to add files directly from your cloud storage.


Work on Tables in Real-Time:

When you add a dataset, ChatGPT can generate an interactive table that can be expanded to a full-screen view. This feature allows users to follow along as the data gets updated during analysis. You can click on specific areas to ask follow-up questions or select from ChatGPT’s suggested prompts to further your analysis. For instance, you can request ChatGPT to combine monthly expense spreadsheets and generate a pivot table organized by expense type.


Customize Presentation-Ready Charts:

You also can personalize and engage with bar, line, pie, and scatter plot charts within the conversation. You can hover over chart elements, make further inquiries, or choose colors. Once satisfied, you can download the charts to include them in presentations or documents. For instance, you can pick a Google Sheet containing your company’s most recent user data from Google Drive and request ChatGPT to generate a chart displaying retention rates.


ChatGPT covers many chart types and can generate a static version for charts that are unsupported by its interactive data analysis features.

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