Become a Productivity Mafia: 5 Best Prompts for Google Gemini

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Google Gemini, ChatGPT, Claude, and other LLMs and generative AI tools are fun to use and helpful to millions. These generative AI tools made everyone learn prompting engineering skills to create prompts that will get their work done. However, sometimes, we can’t get or create the prompt for the task. Google Gemini is one of the best AI conversational tools for productivity. This article has 5 Gemini prompts that could turn you into a productivity mafia.

Here are 5 Gemini prompts that could make you a productivity mafia:

1. Develop a Content Calendar Prompt:

Develop a content calendar for [your business] in the [specific industry].

2. Write Video Scripts Prompt:

Create a detailed explainer video script on [topic] that is engaging and informative, providing key understandings and takeaways.

3. Create Infographics Prompt:

Create an infographic on [topic] that is visually attractive and informative, providing key statistics and insights.

4. Create Podcast Episodes Prompt:

Create a detailed podcast episode on [the topic] featuring [industry expert].

5. Write Blog Posts Prompt:

Write a detailed blog post that debates the pros and cons of [topic], providing valuable insights, perspectives, and citations for experts.

In Conclusion:

These prompts will not make you a cool gangster mafia, but they might make you a productivity expert. Google Gemini is better than most AI chatbots for research and productivity purposes. If you are using Google Gemini, try these prompts and see what works for you. Conversational AI tools are everywhere; if you have yet to try them, you are definitely missing out. Google Gemini, ChatGPT, and Claude are free to use, so check them out.


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