Aragon AI: Revolutionizing Personalized Headshots with AI Technology

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Aragon AI is a groundbreaking platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform your selfies into stunning, AI-generated headshots. Aragon AI enables users to create personalized headshots that capture their best angles and present themselves professionally and engagingly.

The problem it Solves:

Traditional headshot photography can be time-consuming, expensive, and often limited in style and variety – Aragon AI addresses these challenges by eliminating the need for professional photographers and providing an extensive range of styles and backgrounds.

Key Features:

  • Custom AI Model: Aragon AI creates a unique AI model for each user based on their uploaded images. This ensures a personalized experience.
  • Extensive Style Options: With over 100 different styles and backgrounds, Aragon AI offers unparalleled versatility.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Aragon AI boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the headshot creation process.

How to Create Headshots with Aragon AI:

  • Step 1 Upload: Select and upload at least 12 images of your face, ensuring good visibility and different angles. Selfies are suitable for this purpose.
  • Step 2 AI Processing: Sit back and let the AI technology work magic. The algorithm analyzes your uploaded images and creates a custom AI model of your face.
  • Step 3 Headshot Generation: Within 90 minutes, Aragon AI generates a gallery of personalized headshots.
  • Step 4 Download: Review the generated headshots and choose your favorites. Download them instantly for immediate use.


Aragon AI offers three pricing tiers, catering to different user needs:

  • Starter: $29 per person, including 40 high-quality headshots with 20+ styles.
  • Basic (Most Popular): $39 per person, offers 80 high-quality headshots with 40+ styles.
  • Premium (Best Value): $69 per person, provides 200 high-quality headshots with 100+ styles.


  • Evryface: an AI avatar generator that offers limited features and lacks customer reviews. Whereas Aragon outshines Evryface in every aspect in terms of features and customer satisfaction.
  • With its advanced AI headshot generation, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing, Aragon AI is the clear winner against

Aragon AI revolutionizes the way individuals and businesses obtain professional headshots. By harnessing the power of AI technology, Aragon AI simplifies the headshot creation process without the time and expense of traditional photoshoots.


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