AI Healthcare Startup ‘K Health’  Secures $50 Million Funding

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New York-based startup K Health has secured $50 million in a new funding round led by Marcelo Claure’s Claure Group. The startup is known for using artificial intelligence (AI) to change primary care. The investment also saw participation from Royalty Pharma founder Pablo Legorreta and existing backers. Now, it values the company at approximately $900 million.

Key Takeaways:

  • K Health has raised $50 million, valuing the company at approximately $900 million.
  • The platform uses AI to provide personalized, 24/7 primary care.
  • Over 3 million patient visits have been handled since 2019.
  • The new funds will be used to improve AI technology and expand nationwide.
  • Profitability is expected next year, with a potential IPO on the horizon.

K Health’s platform pairs clinicians with advanced AI to provide 24/7 data-driven, personalized care. The company’s AI-powered chatbot guides patients through initial assessments, integrates relevant electronic medical records, and presents a complete medical chart to physicians. This process allows more personalized diagnoses and treatment plans, addressing a critical gap in the healthcare system.

Marcelo Claure, formerly of SoftBank, highlighted the importance of K Health’s mission. “With all the AI hype, it’s tough to find startups actually solving real problems. K Health stands out.” Claure praised the company’s use of anonymized patient data from respected sources like the Mayo Clinic and its seamless integration with electronic medical records.

Since incorporating doctors into its platform in 2019, K Health has handled over 3 million patient visits. Operating in 48 U.S. states, the company has partnered with major healthcare players like Cedars-Sinai and UnitedHealthcare. Although not yet profitable, CEO Allon Bloch expects profitability by next year and is considering a potential IPO. However, no specific plans have been announced for the IPO.

The new funds will be used to improve K Health’s AI technology and expand its reach across the U.S. The company aims to integrate its platform with more health systems to provide even broader access to high-quality care.


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