AI Features Announced During the 2024 Apple iPad Event

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Key Takeaways:

  • Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Pro introduce advanced AI capabilities custom-made for design, photo editing, video production, and document scanning tasks.
  • The M2 and M4 chip power will improve user experiences, positioning Apple as the main player in the AI-powered device market.
  • The company’s strategic focus on AI integration shows continuous innovation and sets the stage for future advancements in its product lineup.

At Apple’s highly anticipated May 7 iPad event, the tech giant introduced the latest popular tablet lineup, the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Both devices have significant upgrades in performance and AI capabilities, showing Apple’s desire to integrate AI into more of its products.

iPad Air: M2 Chip allows Improved AI Features

The iPad Air features Apple’s new M2 chip, which offers advanced AI capabilities custom-made for design and photo editing tasks.

  • New features such as Subject Lift, Live Text, and Visual Look Up improve your experience by allowing easy editing, text recognition, and image retrieval.
  • Photomator’s ML Enhance tool uses machine learning to effortlessly improve photos, thanks to training on a vast dataset of 20 million images.

The baseline iPad Air starts at $599 for the 11-inch model, making it a compelling option for users seeking AI-powered functionality at an accessible price point in iPad.

iPad Pro: M4 Chip Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities:

Apple surprised everyone by skipping the M3 chip and introducing the iPad Pro with the M4 chip, featuring an upgraded Neural Engine capable of handling 38 trillion operations per second.

  • The iPad Pro’s AI capabilities include subject isolation in Final Cut Pro. Apple has introduced Final Cut Pro, which is dedicated to the iPad, with all the functionalities of Final Cut Pro at your fingertips. You can record and edit everything in one place.
  • Further, you will experience simplified color matching in editing tasks and advanced document scanning capabilities powered by True Tone Flash and AI stitching algorithms.

These features position the iPad Pro as a powerful tool for creative professionals and users seeking top-tier AI performance in a tablet device.

Apple’s Strategic Shift Towards AI Integration:

Apple’s decision to prioritize AI features in its latest iPad lineup and other Apple devices is most likely to have occurred during WWDC24. It shows a strategic shift towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) as a core component of its product offerings.

  • While competitors such as Samsung and Google have already implemented AI-powered features in their smartphone lineups, Apple will not stay behind for long and will take a major step forward in its AI roadmap.

The announcement sets the stage for further AI-related developments at upcoming events, including the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and the flagship September iPhone event.


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