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After 5 Years, iOS and CarPlay Users Finally Get Access to Speedometer and Speed Limits by Google Maps


Google Maps has finally introduced speedometer and speed limits for iPhone and CarPlay users five years after debuting on Android. This global rollout aims to help iPhone users avoid speeding tickets. This feature displays the vehicle’s speed in miles or kilometers, depending on the region.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Maps now offers speedometer and speed limits for iOS and CarPlay users.
  • The features help avoid speeding tickets by displaying speed in miles or kilometers.
  • Users can access these features in Google Maps’ settings.
  • The speedometer is for informational purposes and should not replace the vehicle’s speedometer.
  • The features first launched on Android in 2019 and expanded globally by mid-year.

Users can access this feature within a few clicks. Start by clicking on your profile picture in the Google Maps app and going to Settings > Navigation > Driving options. The speedometer is intended for informational use only and gives users a quick reference to their speed. However, it should not replace the vehicle’s speedometer to confirm the actual speed. The speed limits feature changes colors on the speed indicator to encourage drivers to follow regional speed limits. This ability keeps users informed and aware of their surroundings.

Google initially launched these features on Android in 2019, expanding them to over 40 countries by May of the same year.



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