8 Best Prompts for Editing Dall-E 3 Images

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OpenAI, the organization behind the revolutionary ChatGPT, also deserves recognition for DALL-E, an AI model that transforms texts into lifelike AI images. DALL-E has recently introduced a unique editing feature, setting it apart from other tools, which improves your AI art through editing prompts.

Let’s learn how to fix image issues with techniques such as adding new backgrounds, image sharpening, etc:

Add New Backgrounds:

With DALL-E 3, you can quickly replace backgrounds in your images. You can even request specific changes, such as changing the sky or adjusting portrait background colors. Remember to select the region you want to modify for more accurate results.

Change and Object’s Position:

You can move specific objects around to change their placement in your picture. This ability is useful for portraits, street scenes, and similar images. For example, in the following picture, the island in the lake is to move further back, so you can ask DALL-E 3 to do that for you. If you need to move objects, creating more space for the AI to get the desired result is helpful.

Add Reflections:

Consider adding reflections using cool smartphone photography tricks to make your DALL-E 3 images look even better. You can ask DALL-E 3 to add specific reflections and adjust them. Experiment with different angles and be as specific as possible to achieve the desired effect.

Sharpen Parts of Your Picture:

Some images created by DALL-E 3 may not have the expected level of sharpness, as shown in the image from the previous part. However, we can easily address this issue. After choosing the building near the lake, you can request DALL-E 3 to improve the sharpness.

Add New Characters to the Scene:

You can add new characters to your Dall-E images. For example, you create a picture, and if the initial image doesn’t include a certain character, you can include it afterward. In this image, the initial image didn’t include a dog. You can ask GPT to add a golden retriever that is sitting on the floor and looking happy.

Change Object Colors:

Editing AI-generated art is straightforward, and one of the simplest ways is to change object colors. For example, with this photorealistic donut image. You can change the color to pink using a prompt like: “Please change the icing color to pink.” The output showed that the AI could follow your request. This method can be applied to clothing, sky, etc.

Remove Objects From Your Pictures:

When you generate an AI image, you’ll receive a prototype you can edit using DALL-E 3 to create an image. For example, if you want to remove an object from the image, you can select it and ask DALL-E to remove it.

Change Clothing Items:

You can use DALL-E 3 to create an image of a person and then request that the same model wear something that suits your expectations and needs. It’s important to consider ethics and not use AI inappropriately when using AI art.

Dall-E is not perfect, and you will encounter issues in DALL-E 3, such as spelling errors, some distortion, or imperfect images. If you don’t want to remove them, you can edit them. To correct these issues, follow the same steps as we have mentioned. Be specific when telling DALL-E 3 what to do. Using AI prompting tips and tricks will help you generate better AI art. You can add new characters and give a whole new vibe to the images. You can remove stuff and alter things within the image.

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