7 Mindblowing ChatGPT-4o prompts you should try

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OpenAI launched its latest AI model, GPT-4o, not too long ago. The model is faster and more efficient than its predecessor, the GPT-4 Turbo while being on par with GPT-4 regarding intelligence. The best quality of the model is not that it is an omnimodel that can integrate text, vision, and audio but that it is completely free to use, making it accessible to all. GPT-4o might be the best model by OpenAI, so properly using the model is a must. Bryan Marley on X recently showed some interesting prompts to help you maximize your output with GPT-4o.

Here are some GPT-4o prompts that will blow your mind:

Photo Editing Suggestions:

Prompt: Review this image and recommend improvements through cropping, filters, and editing techniques to improve the overall quality.

Solving Math Problems:

Prompt: Please solve the attached math problems and show the step-by-step work.

Analyzing Stock Data & Creating Charts:

Prompt:Β Analyze the [stock symbol] stock data and create visualizations based on the data.

Make Your Favorite Dish:

Prompt: Give me a quick summary of this dish [Optional: dish name] and a simple recipe for how to make it myself.

Investment Portfolio Analysis:

Prompt: Analyze this investment portfolio and provide insights into the user’s asset allocation, risk tolerance, and investment performance.

Sketch To Code:

Prompt: Write HTML and CSS code for the webpage layout of this sketch.

Outfit Improvement:

Prompt: Please recommend ways to improve this outfit by replacing pieces, adding accessories, and adjusting fit based on this photo.


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