6 Mindblowing YouTube AI Features You Should Know

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YouTube was launched in 2005, and no one knew how big a platform it would become. In 2024, YouTube will become a massive platform that will be the main entertainment source for most people and provide livelihood to many. YouTube is an enormous platform right now, and anyone with a phone or laptop and access to the internet can start creating video content and uploading it to the platform. Recently, YouTube has announced a few updates related to AI that you need to know. 

YouTube Create:

YouTube offers a free video editing suite that allows anyone to start creating videos easily. YouTube Create is easy to use and includes filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music. After you are done editing, you can directly publish the videos. You can create YouTube shorts or long-form videos for free.

Dream Screen:

Dream Screen is a new experimental AI feature that lets you create AI-generated video or image backgrounds for your Shorts simply by prompting your idea. Content creators can generate new AI-powered settings for their shorts; the only limitation is your imagination. This feature will be widely available this year.


YouTube is almost everywhere, so there are viewers who speak different native languages. So, to increase video accessibility, YouTube introduced Aloud, an AI feature that allows you to dub your videos into multiple languages at once. This feature will soon be available on YouTube Studio in 2024.

AI-powered Insights:

YouTube will soon provide its creators with AI-powered insights powered by generative AI to help brainstorm video ideas for creators. The best thing about this feature is that it is personalized to the creator’s channel and based on what the viewers watch and love on their channel. The feature was helpful and was appreciated by over 70% of the creators who got access to it to help them improve and test new video ideas.

Comment Topics Summarized by AI:

The YouTube comment section is the best and easiest way to interact with the content creator and other viewers and engage in comment discussions properly. You can use the AI feature to sort out the comments based on the topic of discussion. The feature could help you be more involved and participate in the conversation. 

YouTube Conversational AI Tool:

This feature from YouTube uses conversational AI tools to help you dive deeper into the video you are watching and provide you with answers to your questions related to it. This tool can also suggest related content while not interrupting the video playback. This new feature is perfect for academics or educational-related content. People with access to this feature can start using it by tapping ✨.


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