5 Major AI Updates on Google Maps: Generative AI in Maps and more

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Google Maps has always been one of Google’s most essential tools, helping us navigate through places and even find new locations. Despite many alternative options from different companies, everyone uses and relies on Google Maps, which is rightly so due to Google’s large world data and consistent updates showing traffic, best routes, and more. Google Maps just received a few major AI-powered updates that you must know.

Here are the 5 major AI-powered updates Google Maps received:

Conversational AI in Map Search:

You can now directly chat with Google Maps and ask for any information like you would with Google Gemini and ChatGPT. The AI will use the online information on Google Maps, including details about location, photos, ratings, and reviews, to provide reliable results.

Augmented Reality (AR) Live View:

Google Maps offers augmented reality. Tap the camera icon to search using Live View. You will be able to find nearby ATMs, restaurants, parks, and more with their ratings. You can follow an AR arrow that could guide you precisely to your destination.

New Immersive View:

Pictures can be deceiving in today’s world, so you can scan out places before visiting them with Google Maps. You can see photorealistic views and get helpful information like peak crowd times, and the indoor views show you the vibes of the restaurants to help you choose.


With this new search feature, you can use both words and images to find what you’re searching for uniquely and innovatively, as you will have access to information from millions of local businesses on Google Maps.

AI Suggestions:

Google Maps can provide you with AI-powered suggestions on the go. For example, if it starts raining, you may ask it for “Things to do on a rainy day” and get relevant suggestions, such as movies and comedy shows.

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