5 Fun Ways to Earn Money With AI Art and Images

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the art world, offering creators new ways to monetize their work. Imagine converting AI-generated images into viral YouTube videos, designing trendy T-shirts, or crafting unique stickers and stock photos. With platforms like MidJourney and ChatGPT, anyone can now easily create and sell engaging content. We will show you a few ways how AI art can turn your creativity into a profitable business venture. AI is making it easier for creators to monetize their work.

Here are 5 innovative ways to earn money with AI-generated art:

Wisdom Story Videos:

YouTube channels are going viral with a video featuring AI-generated images and voiceovers, collecting millions of views. Creating similar AI content using tools like Shutterstock for AI art and ChatGPT for scripts. You can monetize quickly and earn from ad revenue, potentially reaching these impressive figures.

Creating and Selling T-shirts:

AI art can be applied to print-on-demand T-shirts sold on platforms like Redbubble, Zazzle, and Etsy. By designing trendy T-shirts inspired by historical artists, you can serve popular markets and generate big sales. Use tools like Shutterstock to create unique designs, then upload them to print-on-demand services to start selling.

Create and Sell MidJourney Prompts:

Platforms like Prompt Base offer marketplaces for selling AI art prompts. These prompts help others generate specific types of AI art without needing technical knowledge. Popular prompts on Prompt Base can sell for $2.99 to $14.99, providing a lucrative opportunity for prompt creators.

Creating and Selling AI Art Stickers:

Stickers are a popular item on Etsy, often featuring cute animals or trending themes. Using Shutterstock to generate sticker designs, you can create unique products to sell on Etsy or Redbubble. Improve your designs with editing tools like Kittl or Canva before listing them on your marketplace.

AI Art Stock Photos:

AI-generated art can be sold on stock photo websites like Adobe Stock. Businesses purchase these images for advertising and promotional materials. Amazing nature scenes and other unique concepts often perform well. Ensure you follow the submission guidelines and note the AI tools used to create your images.


Using AI tools like Shutterstock, DALL-E, and ChatGPT, artists can find cool ways to monetize their creativity. You can start converting AI-generated images and creating engaging YouTube content or design trendy T-shirts and stickers. The possibilities are endless. You can turn your AI art into a profitable journey following these innovative methods.


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