5 ChatGPT-4o prompts to turn you into a Superhuman

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ChatGPT is the AI tool we all wanted as children when we dreamed of future technology. ChatGPT has always lived up to the hype and rarely disappointed its users. It was so revolutionary that many companies tried to follow suit. ChatGPT can hold a conversation and give you in-depth knowledge of everything and anything you desire to know with simple text prompts. The latest update in ChatGPT, GPT-4o, is amazing and can do much more than make us feel like superhumans with all power at our fingertips. Hence, it is important to use the tool properly to get the most out of it, so we gathered some cool prompts for you to try.

ย Here are theย 5ย cool prompts that will make you feel like a superhuman:

Brainstorming New Ideas:

Sometimes, coming up with new ideas can be challenging, and even when you have an idea, you may not know which one to prioritize. 

Prompt: I’m working on a [task] that focuses on [topic]. Do you have any engaging suggestions for [topics] that I can cover?

Generate Analogies:

Sometimes, we do not understand certain phrases and ideas properly, which is no longer a big deal, as ChatGPT can do just that for you.

Prompt: I’m trying to better understand the concept of [concept]. Please help me understand this concept better by creating a practical and easy-to-understand analogy.

Bulk Content Creation:

Content creation may seem easy, but it isn’t. You need to spend a lot of time thinking, making, and editing, but thankfully, ChatGPT can reduce your creation time. 

Prompt:ย Please create [number] [type of content] for [platform] that includes [references].

Tabular Format:

Tabular formats are the best medium for easily sharing and understanding vast information. With a well-labeled table, you can intake more information in the form of paragraphs.

Prompt:ย [Question?] Create one table, be more descriptive, and break the answer into different categories.

Chain of Thought:

Having step-by-step guides is useful as they can help you understand the whole process without making any mistakes. You can easily follow the guide and perform the tasks. 

Prompt: [Query?] Let’s think step by step.

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